School of Business

The School of Business hopes to transform the lives of students through the highest quality business programs focused on the application of Christian values. There are three core principles embedded throughout the School of Business: (1) We integrate our faith with our discipline, thus producing graduates who consider the impact of Scripture on decision making; (2) Critical thinking is infused in the curriculum and students must support responses with logic, theory, and experience; and (3) Experiential learning is a hallmark of our academic pedagogy. In lower-level classes, this is accomplished with guest speakers or brief case applications. In upper-level courses, students experience hands-on projects, competing in a virtual industry, and solving comprehensive cases requiring extensive research with results presented in a classroom setting. 

The School of Business offers the following programs, divided into on-campus undergraduate, on-campus graduate, and fully online: 

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Online Programs

Our faculty are academically and professionally accomplished in the business world, and they are particularly focused on faith integration and why it’s crucial in business. Great teaching takes top priority with their considerable expertise in current research and practice serving to enhance their instruction. The entire business curriculum is built around the idea of learning by doing, and they constantly develop unique ways to teach through this method. Most of all, they love working with college students. These caring professionals trust students with difficult material because they are there in the process, believing in the student’s ability to overcome challenge and achieve mastery. 

Michaelia Black

Michaelia Black, EdD, CPA

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Specialty: Managerial Accounting and Analytics
School of Business | Location: SOB 306A
Phone: (423) 473-1175
Guy Deloach

Guy Deloach, DBA

Associate Professor of Business
Specialty: Operations Management/Strategic Management
School of Business | Location: SOB 305
Phone: (423) 614-8169
Amy Russin

Amy Dummer, MBA

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Specialty: Auditing
School of Business | Location: SOB 306E
Phone: (423) 614-8667
Kathy Estes

Kathy Estes, PhD

Professor of Finance
Specialty: Finance
School of Business | Location: SOB203C
Phone: (423) 614-1177
Marc Gilbert

Marc Gilbert, MBA

Lecturer in Business Administration
Specialty: Management/Analytics
School of Business | Location: SOB 203A
Phone: (423) 614-3776
Hermilo Jasso

Hermilo Jasso, PhD

Professor of Business
Specialty: Economics
School of Business | Location: SOB 203E
Phone: (423) 614-8161
Randal Miedaner

Randal Miedaner, JD, CPA

Assistant Professor of Business
Specialty: Accounting, Tax, & Business Law
School of Business | Location: SOB 306C
Phone: (423) 614-8160
Holly Perleoni

Holly Perleoni, MBA

Lecturer in Marketing
Specialty: Marketing
School of Business | Location: SOB 306J
Phone: (423) 614-8165
Allison Pierce

Allison Pierce, PhD

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Specialty: Healthcare Administration & Human Resources
School of Business | Location: SOB203D
Phone: (423) 614-8164
Melissa Satta

Melissa Satta, MBA

Lecturer in Marketing
Specialty: Marketing
School of Business | Location: SOB 203B
Phone: (423) 614-8311 Ext. 8311
Beth Seymour

Beth Seymour, CPA, MBA

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Specialty: Non-Profit and Governmental Accounting
School of Business | Location: SOB306D
Phone: (423) 614-8224
David Smartt

David Smartt, PhD

Associate Professor of Business Administration
Specialty: Management / Business Ethics
School of Business | Location: SOB 203G
Phone: (423) 614-8622
DeWayne Thompson

Dewayne Thompson, DBA

Dean, School of Business
Distinguished Professor of Business Administration
Specialty: Strategic Management/Business Ethics
School of Business | Location: SOB 306F
Phone: (423) 614-8160
Mava Wilson

Mava Wilson, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Specialty: Information Systems/Data Management
School of Business | Location: SOB 306B
Phone: (423) 614-8196

This select group of students meet with the academic leadership team to provide input on the collegiate experience and program development in the School of Business; serve as ambassadors to prospective students inquiring about the school; and build connections within the student body to enhance student life and increase persistence to graduation.

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Take a quick look at life in the School of Business; our faculty, facilities, and students make for a dynamic and close-knit learning community.


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School of Business

Deanna Davenport

Deanna Davenport, from Arlington, Texas, is a junior double major in accounting and nonprofit management. She currently works as the intern in the Office of Business and Finance and was a teacher’s assistant for Dr. Randy Miedaner in the School of Business. She is involved with Unity Dance Troupe and won the Outstanding Freshman English Award. “I love that in all things, Lee pushes me toward constant growth. My professors have taught me to think and analyze in new ways and my friendships have challenged my faith and made me discover more about my relationship with God and who I am as a person.” Upon graduation, Deanna hopes to work at an accounting firm and potentially in an accounting role at a nonprofit.