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The Master of Arts in Ministry Studies at Lee University provides a program of study that combines practical studies and practical ministry. The courses in this program are specifically designed to help the student understand the biblical and theological foundation of issues related to ministry in contemporary contexts, and then to move beyond theory to the implementation of practical skills for successful vocational ministry.

Program Outcomes

  • Provide a basic theological and biblical framework that will be used to address issues related to ministry in contemporary contexts.
  • Explore theories, methods, and models from various disciplinary perspectives for application in ministry settings.
  • Provide practical skills for ministry within contemporary and social contexts.
  • Facilitate the development of characteristics and practices of a spiritually mature and ethical minister.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies degree, an individual should possess the following qualities, abilities, and skills:

  • The ability to produce scholarly research and writing that is appropriate for graduate studies in ministry.
  • An understanding of the knowledge, resources, and approaches for fostering spiritual formation in faith communities.
  • The ability to assess, articulate, and critique approaches to leadership within specific ministry contexts.
  • The ability to engage in theological reflection on the practices of ministry and church life and to assess practices in light of sound theological reflection.
  • Personal and corporate study of the biblical texts through the disciplined use of sound hermeneutical principles, particularly via the inductive study method.
  • The ability to communicate the gospel to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Analysis of various aspects of culture with the intention of developing practices for engaging contemporary culture.
  • Understanding of the biblical, theological, and theoretical foundations relevant to the student’s specific area of emphasis (leadership studies, worship studies, youth and family studies).
  • Skills relevant to and appropriate for student’s specific area of emphasis (leadership studies, worship studies, youth and family studies).

Masters of Arts in TESOL

The MA in TESOL at Lee is a fully online graduate program in TESOL designed to prepare leaders in the field of TESOL for service in a wide range of settings. Many MATESOL programs offer only basic knowledge in TESOL, but the program at Lee University is for students who already have a foundation in TESOL, through coursework or experience.

The MA program can be completed in a calendar year—beginning in the summer and finishing in May the following year. It can also be taken at a slower pace if desired. The program is offered online, so it is maximally flexible for students who are already working or live distant from the Cleveland campus.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop leaders in the field of TESOL by preparing them with knowledge, skills, and experiences in language assessment, ESL program administration, and educational collaboration with teachers and learners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Equip teachers to enhance learning and teaching in their own classrooms and to contribute to the wider body of knowledge in the field of TESOL as they develop skills in research design and analysis and conduct their own research projects.  
  • Prepare students with knowledge, skills, and experiences in comparative linguistics and education so they can teach and lead more effectively in a variety of contexts around the world.
  • Encourage and equip Christian language educators to integrate their faith and God-given talents in the field of TESOL as they work in diverse contexts and become connected with other TESOL professionals around the world.

Student Learning Outcomes

MATESOL graduates from Lee University will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of advanced linguistic topics.
  • Act in a culturally sensitive manner in a variety of intercultural contexts with an understanding of the political, social, and cultural implications of English as a world language.
  • Analyze and apply findings from in-depth explorations into comparative linguistics and comparative language education systems to the development of curricula and language programs.
  • Prepare language assessment instruments and analyze data to make informed decisions about placement, diagnosis, classroom instruction, and program evaluation.
  • Integrate faith and learning in the field of TESOL in an international internship or domestic internship working with populations from outside the U.S.
  • Lead in the field of TESOL and participate in professional development activities in the field.
  • Plan, conduct, and analyze action research in TESOL classrooms.

The purpose of the Master of Business Administration degree is to equip individuals with the skills necessary for senior-level leadership in the industry, government, and non-profit organizations. Program faculty are committed to implementing experiential learning as a pedagogical tool to enhance and improve student knowledge and retention. Through an advanced degree in business taught from a Christian worldview, we believe individuals will be better prepared to face the challenges of leading organizations in a rapidly changing global economy.

Program Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of the global economic environment.
  • A deeper understanding of the functional areas of an organization including finance, management, marketing, and operations.
  • Improved skills in research, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in problem-solving.
  • Sensitivity to the application of Judeo-Christian values in decision-making.
  • Increased ability to develop and implement specific strategies to address organizational problems.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Complete financial analysis to examine an organization’s financial position.
  • Design and evaluate organizational structure.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  • Determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational culture.
  • Develop strategies to better accomplish institutional goals.
  • Utilize sophisticated quantitative models to solve business problems.
  • Determine budgetary needs to implement a selected strategy.

At the end of the master’s degree program in marriage and family studies, the graduate should have acquired the necessary advanced skills, knowledge, and experience to:

  • Administer programs designed to provide support to families in a wide variety of community service settings.
  • Collect data about individuals, couples, and families through the use of interviews, case histories, psychometric instruments, observational techniques, and relational methods.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of human development across the lifespan.
  • Effectively communicate with diverse cultural groups.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of special needs populations (e.g., persons in poverty, physical abuse victims, substance abusers, and juvenile offenders).
  • Interpret and evaluate research data.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to, and an appreciation of, the spiritual needs of individuals, couples, and families.

Program Of Study

The program is composed of a minimum of four semesters of approved graduate study. The typical full-time student will complete the program by following a two-year track. A minimum of 36 semester hours is required. The program core provides educational preparation in human growth and development, human sexuality, systems theory, and research. This program is not intended for those seeking licensure. Rather, this is an ideal program for those wanting to work in administrative roles in family service agencies or in family ministries at a church.

Admission​ Tuition & Fees​
Requirements vary by program, but applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
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Lee Online graduate tuition rates are the same as on-campus rates.  A discount is offered for the Ministry Studies programs.
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