College of Arts and Sciences

Excellent faculty members and outstanding academic programs characterize the College of Arts & Sciences at Lee University, which encompasses a wide span of academic departments. The College of Arts & Sciences includes six separate departments: Behavioral and Social Science; Communication Arts; Language and Literature; History, Political Science, and Humanities; Natural Sciences, and Mathematical Sciences. Each Lee University student takes courses from the College of Arts & Sciences in completion of the general core, and many others major or minor in one or more of the fields it has to offer for pre-professional education, preparation for graduate studies, and/or teacher licensure.

A Liberal Studies major was recently introduced which allows the student to develop an individualized plan of study. The intent of this program is to allow the student to experience a more comprehensive approach in academic pursuits than is provided in the traditional major and to synthesize material from a variety of disciplines.

This program of study may prepare students for liberal arts graduate programs, and although it is not intended as prevocational, it will prepare students for entry-level positions in professional areas requiring broad knowledge and skills in writing and critical thinking.

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