Social Media Guidelines

The Lee University social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are in place with the purpose of providing a convenient avenue for students, faculty, employees, alumni, and outside communities alike to connect and discuss topics related to the atmosphere and activities of Lee University.

We want you to participate. We encourage civil discussion and the freedom to express your own views and opinions. We also encourage constructive comments and posts that propose solutions to problems.

Keep in mind, however, that we are all part of this shared online community founded in trust and equality. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any comments or content that violate the following guidelines:

  • Respect to the dignity of others and to the civil discussion of opposing ideas is required.
  • Profanity and comments condoning or promoting violence are prohibited.
  • Derogatory comments of any kind toward individual students or groups are prohibited.
  • Posts or forum topics containing sexually explicit language, material, or links to sexually explicit material are prohibited.
  • Posts containing other’s copyrighted material without the appropriate given credit are prohibited.
  • Comments or forum topics referring to actions that are academically dishonest or unethical are prohibited.
  • Comments or forum posts that make libelous statements or aggressively attack faculty or administrators, in general or by name, are prohibited.
  • Posts containing unauthorized commercial content, advertisement, or solicitations of any kind are prohibited.
  • The intentional posting of inaccurate comments or content is prohibited.
  • The job of the page administrator is to guide all discussions in order to achieve the quality of discourse expected by the university. All users posting comments or content must adhere to the directives of the administrator.
  • Posting phone numbers, email addresses, home or work addresses, or similar personal information of yourself or others is highly discouraged.

*Posts that attack an individual or group, use obscene or graphic language, or are deemed advertising or spam will be reported to Facebook, along with deletion.

*We encourage users to report content that violates Facebook Code of Content by using the official Facebook Procedure.

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