The Department of Campus Security is a service-driven department committed to providing security and promoting safety for the community of Lee University. The department is under the direct supervision of the Director of Campus Security, Matthew Brinkman, and Vice President for Student Development, Mike Hayes. Campus Security is led by Brinkman and Assistant Director Tyler Allen, who both hold status as deputy sheriffs with the Bradley County Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, the department is composed of 13 full-time personnel who patrol campus on foot and in marked patrol vehicles and provide security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These officers observe and detect crimes and violations of campus policies and work with state and local law enforcement and emergency response agencies. The department is comprised of armed and unarmed officers who undergo extensive training on a regular basis. They protect the campus from outside threats by restricting campus access to authorized personnel, students, staff, and faculty or their guests, as well as controlling the security of campus facilities.

Campus Security officers have direct radio and telephone communication with local police, fire, and emergency medical services, ensuring that officers can initiate and direct necessary emergency responders to the scene.  Campus Security officers regularly train with local first responders in many areas. All Campus Security officers are first aid, CPR, and AED certified. Some officers receive additional training in dignitary protection, tactical medicine, firearms, less lethal munitions, response to active shooters, investigations, and critical incident response.

Reporting procedures

Lee University administration, faculty, staff, students, and guests are to report all criminal incidents, threats, injuries, property loss, accidents, safety hazards, etc. to the Department of Campus Security at (423) 303-4444. If a person is in imminent danger or is threatened, he/she should call the Cleveland Police Department (911) then call Campus Security. Prompt notification helps to facilitate reporting to the necessary authorities and assists in documenting trouble spots where corrective measures can be taken, thereby enhancing crime prevention.

Campus Security Office

1000 Barns Street NE
PO Box 3450
Cleveland, TN 37320-3450
(423) 303-4444
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

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