Who We Are

The Office of Institutional Research is a part of the Enrollment and Marketing Sector and is located in the Higginbotham Administration Building.

Our Mission

The Office of Institutional Research seeks to facilitate decision-making at all levels of the institution by providing institutional and unit-level data and information in an accurate and timely manner. This is accomplished by creating an atmosphere of systematic organizational planning and assessment based on best practices in higher education; providing relevant and accurate information related to salient institutional or unit-level issues and questions; leveraging technology to increase the efficiency and accuracy of data gathering, analysis, and delivery; and designing, coordinating, and implementing research activities related to academic and administrative evaluation and improvement processes.


What We Do

  • The Office of Institutional Research provides administrators with accurate information about the university (including faculty, staff, and students) to aid in decision-making at the institutional level.
  • Provide faculty and staff with a central location for accessing or obtaining data related to the university
  • Provide faculty and staff with sufficient resources to adequately assess their departments/programs
  • Submit data for required federal and state reporting
  • Distribute relevant data on a consistent basis to administrators, faculty, and staff
  • Disseminate relevant institutional l data to outside sources
  • Administer national surveys

Institutional Research Staff

Virginia Estes

Virginia Estes

Senior Research Analyst
Institutional Research | Location: HAB 323
Phone: (423) 614-8616

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