The phrase “complex world” is a common one used to describe the contemporary environment in which the Christian church is called to minister. This phrase is true on so many levels—the complexity of information swirling on media and social media, the complexity of pluralism in our national settings, the complexity of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have little interest, the complexity of navigating the rapid shift of cultural movements while listening to the voice of God’s Spirit. All these complexities point toward a need for future ministers to be educated in a variety of topics and methods for best serving the advancement of the Kingdom of God in this world.

Training future ministers for service in this complex world is precisely why the School of Theology & Ministry at Lee University exists.

  • Students engage in learning various methods for sharing the Gospel in today’s world, for training disciples of Christ, for leading the local church toward effective ministry.
  • They learn how to interpret the Bible and communicate the truths found there to their churches and the world.
  • They explore what it means to be a Christian in today’s world within a community of professors and other students who share a common goal—learning how best to represent Jesus Christ in this complex world.
  • Our professors in the School of Theology & Ministry have over three-hundred years of ministry experience, hold degrees from prized universities and seminaries, and stand ready to share from their depth of experience in scholarship and ministry with you.

A “complex world” requires a thorough preparation for ministry in such contexts. We believe that the training you receive here in the School of Theology & Ministry will advance you well along toward that goal.

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