Lee’s School of Theology & Ministry (STM) is committed to sending forth graduates who have the greatest potential of effectively engaging the world with the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

We cannot truly love what we do not know rightly. Everything we do in the STM revolves around that principle. Our highly trained faculty are deeply committed to the Lordship of Christ and life in the church. Our low student-teacher ratio means that our students receive a high level of care, attention, and mentorship inside and outside of the classroom. Students who study with us acquire the vocabulary to express and explain their beliefs and religious experiences, which are continually enriched through living and learning together.

God desires to redeem the world through Jesus Christ and has commissioned the church as His Spirit-filled witnesses to fulfill this mission in the earth. The future of the church depends on educated and equipped servant leaders; therefore, we believe that spiritually empowered, academically informed, and practically trained graduates are imperative to the mission of God's redeeming work in the world.


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