Majors in the disciplines within Christian Ministries (listed below) have been designed to allow the student to choose any 18-hour minor on campus.  Adjustments to the requirements for these majors are made so that the addition of the minor can be made without extending the time required to complete the degree program.  For example, a youth major might add a music minor (18 hours); a pastoral ministry major might add a theology minor (18 hours) and still graduate with the normal 120 hour degree requirements.     

The following majors have accompanying vocational tracks:

Similar vocational tracks are also available within the discipline of theology.

Theological Studies, Bi-Vocational Track (THSBV.BA)
Theological Studies, Bi-Vocational Track (THSBV.BS)

This is a double major option wherein a streamlined version of the Biblical and Theological Studies major is coupled with a second major of the student’s choice from any department at Lee. There are two iterations of this track.

Theological and Professional Studies (THSPS.BS)

In this track, instead of a dual major, students combine the streamlined theology major with two minors from academic departments across the university. This program does not require foreign language study.