If you have a concern regarding a student, please read the following and select the most appropriate reporting form for your student concern. The reporting forms below provide students, staff, and faculty members options to share information with key offices across our campus (i.e., Student Conduct, the Hub, and Title IX). This is an internal reporting system and is not monitored 24/7.

The Hub

Faculty Hub: Early Alert Form »

Faculty and staff can use this form to submit concerns to the Hub regarding the success of students in their courses or areas of influence. These concerns should be related to course performance, attendance concerns, and any other factors impacting student success.

Student Hub: Support Request Form »

Students can use this form to connect with the Hub to discuss concerns, ask questions, and set goals regarding their student success. Students have the option to request a tutor, receive assistance with things like time management, and ask for support in a variety of areas impacting their experience as a college student.

Student Care

Student Care Referral Form »

Use this form to report concerns about the wellbeing of a student, such as concerns related to a student’s mental, emotional, or physical health, or concerns related to disruptive circumstances or behaviors.

Title IX

Title IX Sexual Harassment Form »

Use this form to report allegations of potential sexual harassment. This form allows the Title IX Coordinator to reach out and offer supportive resources to the Complainant should that individual(s) be identified in the report. Filling out this form allows the institution to track trends and bolster prevention and education efforts on campus to ensure campus is a safe place to learn and develop in an environment free from sexual harassment.

Student Conduct

Student Conduct Violation Form »

Use this form to report any allegations and/or violations of the Student Handbook; such as, alcohol or drug violations, theft, destruction of property or other non-academic misconduct.

Sanction Submission Form »

Use this form if you have been assigned a sanction and need to submit your documents to the Office of Student Conduct.

If you are experiencing an emergency or are aware of others in crisis, please call 9-1-1 and/or Campus Security at 423-303-4444

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