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The Hub, Lee University’s Center for Student Success, has been designed to meet a broad array of student needs by centralizing key offices into one location. Made possible by a generous Title III grant from the federal government, the Center utilizes expanded analytics to help identify students at-risk for persisting, unified services to better meet the needs of our student body, and integrated instruction to bring student success initiatives into the classroom.

Key Services Offered at The Hub

Good academic planning is necessary in order to complete your degree program in a timely manner. Planning starts from the moment you step on campus to get registered for the first time and continues as you build a relationship with your academic advisor, who will prepare you for the culmination of your college experience, graduation. Whether you see grad school or a career in your future after college, you will learn how to plan effectively so you can reach your goals.

The university setting is a major adjustment from high school life. You have to wake yourself up for classes, do your own laundry, adjust to a brand new place, navigate a wide range of social and academic challenges, and learn how to make the most of this 4 year experience that is supposed to prepare you for adulthood. Our Office of First Year Programs will help you make this transition and show you all the resources you have available to you as a Lee student. You will develop relationships with Peer Leaders and faculty members from across all disciplines, join together with other students to make a difference in the lives of others as you complete service projects, and build a strong foundation to support you throughout the rest of your time at Lee.

Advising is not just about class selection every semester. It is also about building a relationship with an expert in your field, developing the skills necessary to make decisions and autonomy to handle all that life may throw your way, and finding your purpose and calling that will ensure future success. Lee faculty advisors are dedicated to developing students and preparing them for responsible Christian living in a complex world.

Lee has a robust Peer tutoring program that is available to any student needing help with a course. Tutoring might be the catalyst that gets you an A instead of a B to help you keep that scholarship, or it might just get you through that last class you need for graduation, and it is available for most courses offered at Lee. In addition to individual course tutoring, the Writing Center is available to help you improve as a writer, and there are several subject-area labs where you can get help with Science, Math, Foreign Languages, and Business courses. The Student Success Center staff is available to assess student needs and find resources to support any academic need.

At Lee, we believe every person has been given strengths, talents, and abilities from God and that each person has a purpose and calling. To know and understand that you are a person of strengths and abilities brings a whole new perspective to life and career. We are dedicated to helping students find that calling and then finding a career that helps them utilize that calling for maximum fulfillment and service to others. The Center for Calling and Career has resources for students to explore career options and then develop a plan to ensure the student is ready to step into the job or next level of education after graduation. Important resources like resume review, mock interviews, and job search strategies give every student the opportunity for lifetime success.

Transfer students face unique challenges and bring a variety of educational experience to Lee. We work hard to ensure all students transferring with credit have a clear pathway to graduation utilizing previous credits and are connected to faculty advisors who can help them plug into their discipline. Transfer student peer leaders come alongside new transfer students to help them navigate a new university with new policies, requirements, and resources. A variety of informational sessions and social events throughout the year give transfer students the opportunity to connect with other students and make the transition to Lee the best experience possible.

Student Success Coaches are available to support students in developing the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs to succeed in college and beyond. Success Coaches meet regularly with students and provide them the structure, tools, and motivation to persist through challenges and get the most out of their education. Balancing priorities outside of school, setting up a study schedule, minimizing stress, test-taking skills, budgeting, and financial literacy, planning for a future career, setting goals, and getting involved in campus life are just some of the topics Success Coaches cover to promote success and retention

One key to student success is early interventions for at-risk factors or behaviors that may be derailing even the most prepared student. The Student Success team has access to a variety of student information so they can see emerging issues and reach out to students in trouble while there is still time to improve. Enhanced communication, staff dedicated to assisting students at-risk, and integrated services across campus will ensure that students are supported in a holistic way, setting them up for recovery and success.

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