International Students Thrive at Lee

We are always excited when international students choose Lee University. Students from over 50 nations are already here getting a highly rated academic and student experience. We want to provide resources to make this transition the best and easiest process possible for you. We understand that it may be difficult adjusting to a new culture, however below you will find general information about some resources that could be beneficial. 

Student and Teachers


You can choose from hundreds of majors and programs taught by expert faculty who have been trained in some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Not only are they experts in their fields, but they are caring and value student relationships. You’ll leave prepared for a career or graduate school like the thousands of our alumni who live around the world. 

Affording Lee as an International Student

We are committed to keeping Lee affordable for every student, including international students. Our annual tuition and fees for full-time, undergraduate students consistently ranks Lee as one of the most affordable Christian and private universities in the United States. In addition to our low cost, we make scholarships available for international students. Merit-based scholarships take into consideration ACT or SAT scores and high school transcripts and are automatically considered when you apply and fill out the Lee University Scholarship Profile. 

We also offer institutional scholarships for incoming freshmen through various competitive, athletic, music, art, theatre, and endowed scholarship programs. These programs may require separate applications and are managed by the respective coaches, program faculty and administrators. For more information, visit Lee University’s Financial Aid.

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International Admissions Process

The process for international education can be confusing but we have dedicated admissions staff ready to help you from application to your Lee arrival. 

  1. Fill out the Lee University Admissions application, including paying the application fee. 
  2. Submit your official school records and transcripts. All records must be in English. 
  3. English is the official language of Lee University. You must submit a TOEFL score or an SAT/ACT score. 
  4. You must submit a Sponsor’s Guarantee Form and Bank Statement 
  5. Pay your housing deposit of $200 USD 

More detailed information on our international admissions policies and procedures can be found in this booklet. You can also email [email protected] if you have more questions. 

Lee is Your Place 

Whether you’re from Ghana or Tennessee, Lee University is a warm, welcoming place where you can grow both academically and spiritually. Close to major US cities, but in a close-knit, safe environment, Lee could be your place too! 


Diversity on Campus

The Diversity Council is a student run organization which offers various opportunities for students to be involved in promoting their culture on the Lee University campus. Click here for more information on the clubs. The Cultural Diversity Committee is a faculty group focused on raising awareness of diversity issues on campus and implements programs which highlight minority cultures. This committee is also responsible for creating and implementing a plan for increasing the cultural diversity of the faculty and the student body. Click here for more information on the committee. 

New International Student Orientation

For help transitioning to Lee University, make sure to attend the New International Student Orientation (NISO), which is an event that occurs during New Student Orientation. Dates vary by semester, so be sure to get the information for this session from your peer or transfer leader. At this session, you will receive a handbook for international students, as well as vital information that will help with adjusting to a new school and a new country.


The genuine excitement and love that was shown to me when I first got to Lee caught me off guard; everyone was friendly and kind. I was able to learn more about my personality and faith through the engagement and activities that Lee hosts, like the transfers meetings I attended and Deke Day where I was able to help around the community and campus. These activities made me grow as a person both mentally and spiritually and gave me the ability to view both life and people through a different lens. Finally, Lee has a positive environment that will help you pursue your goals and dreams and also give you challenges that will help all individuals grow in some sort of way and Always Expect Something Great.

Nokia Masengu

Nokia Sabra


My time at Lee University was extremely special because of the community. Whenever I was looking for colleges to attend, I knew I wanted to not only grow academically, but also spiritually, and Lee was the best place to pursue that. The faculty and staff at Lee never failed to support me, and they have allowed me to grow and be a better student and a better person. While there are certain struggles unique to international students, the community at Lee University was always incredibly welcoming, helpful, and supportive. I have cherished my friendships that I made at Lee more than anything elseConnecting with other international students through clubs and organizations made me feel like I was not alone in the process. If you want to grow in your faith as much as you want to learn, then Lee University is the right place to be. 

Madelaine Setiawan

Madelaine Setiawan


Lee University is like a big home with a big family where everyone is welcome. I have not only made lifelong friends, connections, and relationships but I have also already begun to achieve my goals while being in such an amazing community of like-minded people. The professors, students, and faculty all want you to succeed and will do their best to support you to achieve your goals and dreams. It is the place to be if you want to grow not just academically but also spiritually and socially. I had high expectations of Lee and yet it still well and truly exceeded them! I have loved my time at Lee, and I don’t want to ever leave... there are always new people to meet and new experiences to have.

Wihan VanderMerwe

Wihan VanderMerwe


Want a Scholarship?

Lee University offers a wide variety of scholarships for all our schools and programs.

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Admissions Process
Renee Williams
Admissions Office
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Office of First-Year Programs
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Student Life & Success, Mosaic Council
Gloria Scott-Richmond
Office of Racial & Ethnic Relations
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