Youth Ministry prepares students to work with adolescents in local church and para-church ministries. The program includes elements of both the discipleship ministry and pastoral ministry programs, while incorporating courses designed to specifically address the problems faced by youth ministers.

The vocational track includes the minor of the student’s choice, to simultaneously prepare for non-ministerial vocations.

Career Opportunities

  • Youth Ministry
  • Author
  • Children/Youth Non-Profit Leader/Director
  • Children/Youth Camping Ministry Leader/Director
  • Counselor
  • Family Ministry Pastor
  • Ministry Leader
  • Pastor
  • Professor
  • Teacher
  • Social Media Director/Coordinator
  • Youth/Young Adult Pastor

What to Expect

Weekend Sunday Shadowing

Weekend Sunday Shadowing, or WSS, is a weekend experience offered one time every semester where faculty and students visit a church, typically within a one-hour drive of Cleveland. The students and faculty visit on Saturday to interact with the church staff, do Q & A sessions, and have lunch. The day typically lasts from 9 a.m. – noon. Then on Sunday, the group returns to the church to “job shadow” respective staff members. Pastoral majors “shadow” the pastor, youth majors “shadow” the youth ministry, and so on, to see how the church functions “behind the scenes” during a service. Both the Saturday morning and Sunday morning components are required to receive credit for that weekend, in addition to a short post-event questionnaire. Students are required to complete four of these events during their four years at Lee.

Travel/Global Trips

  • Honduras Global Ministry and Benevolence Global Trip
  • Israel Study Abroad
  • Selected students are invited to travel to Chicago in the summer for a three-week inner-city immersion experience supported by the Scholl Foundation.


  • Theta Alpha Kappa
  • Pi Alpha Sigma (Koine Greek)
  • TAK - STM Honor Society


  • STM Award – pending faculty vote
  • Discipline Award – by nomination of YTHM Discipline Coordinator


The Capstone course is designed to help graduating students integrate their faith with the academic knowledge they have gained throughout their studies. It is regarded as the final reflection of the essential Core Values of Lee University. All STM majors take a capstone class just prior to graduation (RELG 495).


Students spend the majority of their time in the STM Building and STM Commons area.


Required 8 week/150 hours after completion of all pre-requisites typically at 60+ academic hours.

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