Every individual who maintains or operates a motor vehicle on the Lee University campus must register each vehicle with the Department of Campus Security at the beginning of the semester or within 24 hours of the vehicle being brought to campus. The parking fee is $40 per year and is included on the student bill. Replacement permits are also $40 each.

The vehicle’s State Registration with license plate number, current housing assignment, and driver’s contact information are required for registration of the vehicle. A photo of the license plate is also acceptable for registering a vehicle.

Students are assigned a specific parking lot(s) designated by their parking permit. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Regular patrols are made of the parking areas, and vehicles illegally parked or parked in a lot not designated on their permit will be subject to a citation. Being assigned to a specific lot does not assure the student of a parking space in that lot. This also does not give permission for a student to park in an unauthorized space or parking lot. If you have any other questions concerning parking please contact the Department of Campus Security at 423-303-4444.

Beginning in August, vehicles may be registered in person at the Department of Campus Security located at 1000 Barnes Street NE. Students may also register a vehicle online by clicking here.

You will receive a confirmation email with pick up instructions from the Department of Campus Security when your request has been completed. For further information, you may contact the Department of Campus Security at (423) 303-4444.

Information needed to complete Vehicle Registration:

Name, student ID#, phone
Vehicle make, model, color
License plate number, including state
Photo of license plate or copy of vehicle state registration
Indicate resident status:


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