A focus on messages and their meanings unites the many disciplines of the Communication Arts department. Communication Studies investigates verbal and nonverbal messages to help students improve their abilities. Public Relations, Journalism and Advertising develop the professional communication skills needed to succeed in the business and nonprofit worlds. Art, Cinema and Theatre develop student understanding of and capacity for creative visual communication. Digital Media Studies prepare students for careers in broadcasting and media content creation.

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Communication Arts

Delynn Harmon

Delynn Harmon is a graphic design major with a minor in studio art and came to Lee from Lebanon, Indiana. She has served on the Vindagua (student magazine) staff for three semesters as lead designer but has been involved with it since her sophomore year. Outside of Lee, she does freelance photography and graphic design and has partnered with churches and businesses in the local area. Delynn’s experience at Lee has been highlighted by the professors that have “poured into” her life all along the way. Delynn plans to move to San Diego, California, after graduation to work in the graphic design or magazine industries.