A focus on messages and their meanings unites the many disciplines of the Communication Arts department. Communication Studies investigates verbal and nonverbal messages to help students improve their abilities. Public Relations, Journalism and Advertising develop the professional communication skills needed to succeed in the business and nonprofit worlds. Art, Cinema and Theatre develop student understanding of and capacity for creative visual communication. Digital Media Studies prepare students for careers in broadcasting and media content creation.

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Take a quick tour of the Communication Arts Building; home to our faculty and students in this department.
Communication Arts

Kayla Smith

Kayla Smith decided to come to Lee after visiting the camp us and meeting a few professors, including public relations professor Dr. Andrea Phillips. “After talking with Dr. Phillips about public relations she told me something like, ‘I have a couch in my office just because I love talking with students. You are more than welcome to visit anytime.’ Now, I’ve talked with her on that couch, in the student union, and I have even been over to her house for a cookout for public relations majors.” said Kayla. “I really loved how genuine the students and the faculty were toward me, and I realized right away I wanted to spend the next four years here.” Kayla is now a public relations major heavily involved with Evangelistic Singers, Vindagua (yearbook), and PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America).