The cinema major is designed to help students develop storytelling skills through advanced training in film directing, image creation, sound design and post-production. The courses lay the groundwork for future professional and academic pursuits.

Career Opportunities

  • Film and video editor
  • Audio editor
  • Television/film/video producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Church media director
  • Film director
  • Producer
  • Cinematographer
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What to Expect


Academic assistance is available for all students through Lee’s support services. Tutoring for specialized major classes may be requested.

Travel/Global Trips

Cinema, Communication, Digital Media, and Public Relations Global Trips (various destinations) - Previous destinations include Japan, Cannes Film Festival in France, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Ireland.


Film Society 


Each discipline awards one outstanding graduate prior to spring commencement. The entire department gives an honors award to the department’s most outstanding graduate.


Service learning is embedded in several courses. In addition, students have opportunities in specialized areas of expertise such as film and video production. 


Capstone courses offer students the opportunity to integrate their major with the university’s religion courses and shared core values of ethical action, redemptive service and responsible citizenship. These courses consider how faith relates to their anticipated professions, providing a bridge between academic studies and life beyond graduation. Digital media and cinema students take Christianity and Media. 



The physical heart of the department is the Communication Arts Building. Constructed in 2014, this building houses unique spaces for all major programs. Digital media and cinema students can be found in the television studio, audio and video labs, as well as the film screening room.  



  • Painting, sculpture, and design work with local artists and design firms.
  • Austin Hatcher Foundation
  • Church of God World Missions


Students in this major have opportunities to join professional film crews and/or work on faculty and student film projects.


Film Festivals: At the end of the spring semester, Lee University holds the LeeU Film Festival, where students submit projects they have filmed that year, from short films to music videos and documentaries. Those that are accepted are then screened in a campus-wide viewing for the chance to win awards. Lee University also pays to have the best student films submitted to festivals around the world, since it is an institution dedicated to both helping students make great films and to then promote them. 

Film Friendsy: Lee cinema students kick off the start of each fall semester with a 48 hour film competition. Students are randomly assigned teams and must write, film, and edit a short film in the 48 hours, at the end of which judges will choose a winner. The film that wins is then accepted into the Lee film festival. 

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