A broad liberal arts undergraduate education should expand the students’ understanding of their own social context, increase their knowledge of individual behavior and facilitate their adjustment to a rapidly changing social world by preparing them to recognize and appreciate cultural diversity. Each of the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and sociology offer distinct, but complementary, approaches to the study of human physiology, cognition, and behavior from a scientific and rational perspective that includes experimentation, observation.

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Mary Birch

Mary Birch is a Hicks Scholar from Hermitage, Tennessee, in the psychology program. From a young age, Mary has been interested in understanding the human mind, which drew her to higher education. “When I came to Lee my freshman year, I had no idea how far God intended to stretch me,” Mary said. “I have realized I am not only called to my academic studies, but I have been given other opportunities to grow as well.” Mary helps impoverished children through the service program Next Door, is a floor leader in her dorm, and helps lead a Bible study every Thursday night. According to Mary, the classes, the community, and the Christ-centered environment have truly made her years at Lee a wonderful experience.