Department of Mathematical Sciences

As a fundamental component of a liberal arts education, study in the mathematical disciplines establishes a foundation for a lifetime of critical thinking. It provides students the opportunity to develop skills in problem-solving, logical analysis, and computational reasoning. The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers programs designed to prepare students for careers in pure and applied mathematics, mathematics education, actuarial science, engineering, and computer science. The ability to analyze and solve complex problems makes our graduates attractive to employers in a variety of fields including banking, insurance, finance, government agencies, meteorology, and statistics. The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Lee University will provide students with first-rate instruction in the discipline and opportunities to work closely with members of a talented, caring, and committed faculty. 

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers the following programs:

Undergraduate Programs

The members of the faculty in the Department of Mathematical Sciences are academically talented professionals who are committed to the success of our students. They provide opportunities for students to develop and practice reasoning and problem-solving skills within a structured framework. They challenge students to think in sophisticated manners that are simultaneously creative and structured. Our faculty members actively seek or create individualized experiential learning opportunities for students including research experiences, internships, and teaching practices. Lee faculty members are caring individuals who have a passion for mathematics and for sharing its beauty and complexity with our students.  

Blayne Carroll

Blayne Carroll, PhD

Professor of Mathematics
Specialty: Discrete Mathematics, Logic
Department of Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 350A
Phone: (423) 614-8333 Ext. 3805
Jennifer Cornett

Jennifer Cornett, EdS

Associate Lecturer in Mathematics
Specialty: Developmental Mathematics, Mathematics Education
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 103D
Phone: (423) 614-8288
Debra Gladden

Debra Gladden, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Specialty: Applied Mathematics and Student Research
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 354C
Phone: (423) 614-6015
Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones, MS

Associate Lecturer in Mathematics
Specialty: Mathematics Education and General Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 103C
Phone: (423) 614-8682
Caroline Maher-Boulis

Caroline Maher-Boulis, PhD

Professor of Mathematics
Specialty: Actuarial Science and Experiential Opportunities
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 103E
Phone: (423) 614-8393
Jennifer Minutolo

Jennifer Minutolo, MAT

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Computer Science
Specialty: Computer Science and General Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 103B
Phone: (423) 614-8289
Richard Moy

Richard Moy, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Specialty: Student Research and Number Theory
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 103G
Phone: (423) 614-3801
Jason Schmurr

Jason Schmurr, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Specialty: Student Research, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 103A
Phone: (423) 614-8338
Laura Singletary

Laura Singletary, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
Specialty: Mathematics Education and Education Research
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 354B
Phone: (423) 303-5144
Ashlee Stephens

Ashley Stephens, MAT

Associate Lecturer in Mathematics
Specialty: General Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences | Location: SMC 354A
Phone: (423) 614-8283

Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Mathematical Sciences

Madison Mabe

Madison Nicole Mabe is a Mathematics and Mathematics Education major from Cleveland, Tennessee. While at Lee, she’s been part of Ladies of Lee, serves annually at the Lee University Mathematics Competition, and works for Dr. Blayne Carroll tutoring for Calculus. “I love all of the opportunities that the math department has given to me,” said Madison. “I have been able to do research in both Math and Math Ed and also plan to do research this summer with a faculty member with the Ledford Scholars Program. I have enjoyed all of the lifetime friendships I have made, and all of the many places I have gotten to travel being a part of a traveling choir.” Upon graduation, she is planning to pursue a graduate degree in the mathematics field, possibly in Discrete Math.