The MA in TESOL at Lee is a fully online graduate program in TESOL designed to prepare leaders in the field of TESOL for service in a wide range of settings.  Many MA in TESOL programs offer only a basic level of knowledge in TESOL, but the program at Lee University is for students who already have a foundation in TESOL, through coursework or experience.

The MA program can be completed in a calendar year—beginning in the summer and finishing in May the following year.  It can also be taken at a slower pace if desired.  The program is delivered online, so it is maximally flexible for students who are already working or live distant from the Cleveland campus.

The overall goal of the program is to provide an advanced understanding of the field of TESOL and preparation for leadership roles in the field.

Features of Lee University’s MA in TESOL:

  • Online course delivery designed for busy people allows participation from any location
  • Supportive learning with caring and expert faculty
  • Can be completed in as little as one calendar year
  • Prepares for and includes cutting edge internship experience

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Student Outcome Goals:

MA TESOL graduates from Lee University will be able to

  • Demonstrate mastery of advanced linguistic topics.
  • Act in a culturally sensitive manner in a variety of intercultural contexts with an understanding of the political, social, and cultural implications of English as a world language.
  • Analyze and apply findings from in-depth explorations into comparative linguistics and comparative language education systems to the development of curricula and language programs.
  • Prepare language assessment instruments and analyze data to make informed decisions about placement, diagnosis, classroom instruction, and program evaluation.
  • Integrate faith and learning in the field of TESOL in an international internship or domestic internship working with populations from outside the U.S.
  • Lead in the field of TESOL and participate in professional development activities in the field.
  • Plan, conduct, and analyze action research in TESOL classrooms.


  • Students with a bachelor’s degree in TESOL or at least 18 credit hours of TESOL Courses may apply for acceptance into the MA in TESOL program. Students who do not have a background in TESOL previously, may still apply, but they will need to complete the TESOL Certificate prerequisite, which can be completed in one summer online.
  • Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts of credit earned at all institutions of higher education.
  • A preferred GPA of 2.75 in undergraduate studies.
  • An essay of 500 words describing future goals in the field of TESOL.
  • An interview, either virtually or in person, with the Director of the program or a designated faculty member, and two letters of recommendation from professors familiar with your work or a supervisor from a teaching context.

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Masters of Arts in TESOL

David Broersma, Director
MA in TESOL Program
[email protected]

Randy Wood, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences

Donna Summerlin, Chair
Language and Literature Department




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