Registering for online classes is easy. We offer convenient annual enrollment, making it possible for you to enroll for an entire academic year at once (fall through summer). Your schedule will consist of six, 7-week sessions, allowing you to complete a 4-year degree in 3 years and 4 months!

2023-2024 Course Schedule
2023-2024 Academic Calendar

2024-2025 Course Schedule
2024-2025 Academic Calendar


The menu below contains important registration information for new and returning undergraduate and graduate students, as well as self-registration instructions. For further information, please contact our Enrollment Services Office at (423) 614-8370 or [email protected].

Undergraduate and Graduate

New Students

Once you've been accepted to Lee Online, an initial advisor will help you construct a course schedule and register you for courses depending on the advising track of your major. He or she will also evaluate any previous coursework you've completed at other institutions to ensure you receive credit where possible. You will then receive your schedule via email and are free to adjust it any time prior to the start of classes.

Once your initial schedule is developed, you are assigned a permanent academic advisor. This advisor will continue to work with you and help you enroll in future sessions.

Returning Students

If you are a returning student, you will work with your academic advisor to schedule your courses and enroll for an entire academic year. This annual enrollment simplifies the registration process for you, requiring you to contact your advisor only once per year to enroll in all of your courses. However, advisors are available year-round for all students.

Down Payment

You are required to make a down payment of $225 for the academic year in which you are enrolling. If you are receiving financial aid and your award amount exceeds your total bill, contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions concerning this coverage

Course Check-In

You must check in to each of your online courses in order to verify enrollment. Check-in is usually available one week prior to the start date of the class and can be completed through Moodle.

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