Earn a certificate through Lee Online by completing six courses in the designated program subject area. The 18 credit hours are designed to develop specific content knowledge and are applicable to an undergraduate degree program.

Enhance your knowledge of the Bible by taking the following courses. BIBL-101 Old Testament Survey, BIBL-102 New Testament Survey, BIBL-204 Gospel of John, BIBL-261 Methods of Bible Study, BIBL-402 Romans & Galatians, BIBL-421 The Pentateuch.

Develop Christian Leadership skills to enhance your services in His kingdom through taking the following courses. CLDR-301 Introduction to Christian Leadership, CLDR-302 Theology of Leadership, CLDR-309 Church Financial Management, CLDR-310 Conflict Management & Problem Solving, CLDR-401 Leadership & Administ ration, CLDR-430 Cross-Cultural Leadership.

Hone pastoral preaching skills or prepare for the call to vocational ministry through taking the following courses. PASM-271 Fundamentals of Preaching, PASM-351 The Ministry of Worship, PASM-371 Techniques of Preaching, PASM-461 Pastoral Ministry I, PASM-462 Pastoral Ministry II, PASM-464 Pastoral Counseling.

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Certificate admission is easy! Just submit an application so you can begin your certificate at the start of the next 7-week session.
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Lee undergraduate certificate programs are offered at the Lee Online prices for undergradu ate ministry and undergraduate non-ministry programs. Federal Financial Aid is not available for certificate programs.
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