The online catalog is the University’s primary, comprehensive single source of departmental, college and university-wide information related to academic programs. Courses, degree programs, and policies that govern progress towards completion of a degree are described in the catalog. Below is a list of Lee University previous catalogs, archived for your convenience.

2016-2017: Academic Catalog
2015-2016: Academic Catalog
2014-2015: Academic Catalog
2013-2014: Academic Catalog
2012-2013: Academic Catalog
2011-2012: Academic Catalog
2010-2011: Academic Catalog
2009-2010: Academic Catalog
2008-2009: Academic Catalog
2007-2008: Academic Catalog
2006-2007: Academic Catalog
2005-2006: Academic Catalog
2004-2005: Academic Catalog
2003-2004: Undergraduate CatalogGraduate Catalog
2002-2003: Undergraduate CatalogGraduate Catalog
2001-2002: Undergraduate CatalogGraduate Catalog
2000-2001: Undergraduate CatalogGraduate Catalog
1999-2000: Undergraduate Catalog
1998-1999: Undergraduate Catalog
1997-1998: Undergraduate Catalog
1996-1997: Undergraduate Catalog
1995-1996: Undergraduate Catalog

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