Homeschooled Students at Lee University

Many students choose Lee after pursuing their secondary education from home – in fact, more students come here from a home-based educational background than from any other single high school. That makes homeschooling literally our #1 feeder school! 

We’ve found that students with this background thrive at Lee, with high engagement and results that prove their homeschool experience is a highly effective means of college preparation. Students arrive here from many different types of homeschool formats: from home-school cooperative groups to in-home, individual or self-directed instruction to online curriculum. They hail from as far as mission fields around the globe or as close as right here in Cleveland, Tennessee. 

Lee Admissions for Homeschooled Student

Lee Admissions for Homeschooled Student

The process for homeschooled students to enroll at Lee is much the same as it is for other new freshmen. But we understand homeschooled students have different experiences and expectations than their peers from public and private high schools, and we work diligently to serve them in unique ways. Our First Year Programs office is adept at helping in the transition from a homeschool environment to college life; getting dual enrollment, AP, and other early college credits transferred to the transcript is easy to do; and before you know it, you’ll be embarking on an unmatched, transformational college experience at one of the most engaging and affordable Christ-centered campuses in America.

Join the many homeschooled students who enroll at Lee each year, and pursue a college degree in an environment where you will grow and be challenged unlike anywhere else!

These are the essential steps to initiate the enrollment process:
  1. Submit Admissions Application at
  2. Send an official transcripts of your high school work to the Lee University Office of Admissions
  3. Make sure college entrance exam scores(ACT, SAT, and CLT) are sent to Lee Admissions as well.

Would you like to get some more information, talk with a counselor, or get the enrollment process started?

Aid for Homeschooled Students

Aid for Homeschooled Students

We mentioned that Lee is very affordable. Part of this is due to the very competitive tuition costs compared to private, Christ-centered institutions across the nation. But another part is the aid available to help pay for the Lee experience. There are numerous means of paying available to students who graduate from a home-based secondary school. Take a look here to see how this process works.

Homeschooled Students at Lee

There are so many homeschooled students at Lee, we talked with a few of them about what kind of experiences they have had here so far. Take a moment to meet them and hear their stories.

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