Many high school students enroll at Lee simultaneously, either to enhance the challenge of their required high school courses or to get a head start on their college degree – or both. There are two main ways to pursue dual enrollment (DE) with Lee University: on campus or online. This is something we do well, and many students each semester pursue credits from Lee as part of their regular high school course load. 

Dual Enrollment Process

Dual Enrollment Process

The process to enroll in DE at Lee is simple; and it is the same for both on campus and online modes of DE. The distinctions between those are detailed below, and if you are unsure which is the right mode for you, our dual enrollment specialist will be happy to discuss it with you and provide guidance. Once you have chosen which avenue you will pursue, follow these basic steps:

  1. Apply to Lee online.
  2. Send your ACT/SAT/CLT scores and official transcripts to [email protected]. If you're unsure about how to do this, ask your guidance counselor.
  3. Contact our dual enrollment specialist to discuss course selection.
  4. Complete and return the attached documents after speaking with our dual enrollment specialist -Consent Form and Dual Enrollment Registration Agreement
  5. If you have questions or concerns about how our courses will affect your public or private school schedule reach out to your high school’s guidance counselor.

It really is that easy! Join the many dual-enrolled students at Lee this year, and get a head start on your college degree in an environment where you will grow and be challenged unlike anywhere else.

The Cost of Dual Enrollment at Lee

Dual Enrollment at Lee is a way to complete accredited university courses in a cost-effective way. At only $176 per credit hour, DE at Lee will save college-degree seeking high school students both time and money.A majority of courses are three credit hours, so many of the courses you could get under your belt for $528, a significant savings over the regular cost for these same courses, and you would have completed them before enrolling as a full-time college student! 

The cost of books varies from class to class, so it must be accounted for separate from the tuition cost for the class. Some classes account for fewer than three credit hours, so these courses are even less costly to complete. 

Tennessee students may also qualify for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant, which covers nearly all the remaining cost of the program. For information about this grant, please click HERE. 

Meet Your Dual Enrollment Specialist

Hello! My name is Jeannie Blake, and I am serving as your Dual Enrollment Specialist.  I am originally from Indiana and moved with my family to Cleveland, Tennessee in 2011.  I love doing art, swimming, and walking my dog.   With 5 children who are either enrolled or recently graduated from college, I understand firsthand the challenges parents and high school students face while trying to navigate educational opportunities. 

I have always enjoyed taking courses at Lee and have loved its learning environment. Lee University has so many excellent course options, and I look forward to working with you to make this process as informative and enjoyable as possible!

Dual enrollment students at Lee University have gone on to thrive in many different walks of life, with a similar beginning, using DE at Lee as an excellent launch pad for their future success. Ultimately, your Lee story will be unique, it will be special, and I am honored to walk alongside you as you begin. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Contact Your DE Specialist

On Campus Dual Enrollment

Enroll in courses offered to our traditional undergraduate students that will also satisfy courses required for high school graduation.


Online Dual Enrollment

Enroll in this distance program and pursue Lee coursework wherever you are through Lee Online, earning college credit while satisfying requirements for high school graduation.


Dual Enrolled Student Testimonials

Daniel Walker Freshman Biology Major with a Pre-Professional Emphasis

“I always knew I was coming to Lee, but dual enrollment just made sense. It bolstered my credits, was majorly cost-effective, and gave me the opportunity to make friends and meet some professors. It was a Win! Win! I had worried the coursework or scheduling would be too big of a challenge, but it was a fun challenge, and my professors were understanding. I encourage everyone to take as many credits through dual enrollment as they can!” 

Abigail Salyer High School Senior

“I’ve been able to do both on-campus and online dual enrollment. The classes are taught by caring faculty who understand the unique balance of being a high school student while also taking challenging college courses. I feel like I’m already in college and I know that I’ll be better prepared when I enroll next year.”

If this sounds like what you are looking for, get started today and begin a new journey with DE at Lee. Or feel free to ask us any questions you may still have.

Request more information and we will connect with you or start the process by beginning the application!

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