Many high school students enroll at Lee simultaneously, either to enhance the challenge of their required high school courses or to get a head start on their college degree – or both. There are a few ways to pursue dual enrollment with Lee University. Some students participate in courses at distance from our campus, either in their high school with an instructor approved by Lee to offer our credits, or in some courses offered through Lee Online. But the predominant method of dual enrolling at Lee occurs on our campus, when high school students get permission from their high school to come to Lee and enroll in a course offered here to our traditional undergraduate students that will satisfy one of the courses required for high school graduation. This is something we do well, and dozens of students each semester are coming to Lee as a part of their regular high school course load.

Dual Enrollment Process

Dual Enrollment Process

The process for dual enrollment is simple. If you are considering dual enrollment, get in touch with us to consider what method suits your needs. Once you have chosen which avenue you will pursue, follow these basic steps:

  1. Talk to your school’s guidance counselor to indicate your interest, gain any necessary permission, and determine if other steps are necessary for your particular high school.
  2. Apply to Lee online.
  3. Email us your transcripts and ACT scores.
  4. Contact our dual enrollment counselor to discuss course selection.
  5. Complete and return the attached documents after speaking with dual enrollment counselor - Consent Form and Dual Enrollment Registration Agreement

It really is that easy! Join the many dual-enrolled students at Lee this year, and get a head start on your college degree in an environment where you will grow and be challenged unlike anywhere else.

Would you like to get some more information or talk with your dual-enrollment counselor? See below.

Meet Your Dual Enrollment Counselor

Hello! My name is Emily Makowski, and I am the Admissions Counselor for Bradley County and Dual Enrollment students. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but I have completely fallen in love with TN and know without a doubt that Lee is exactly where I was meant to be.

In December 2021, I graduated from Lee with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a double minor in Biblical Studies and Business Administration. During my time as a student, I was given the opportunity to grow in several different areas. I had the honor of being a member of Delta Zeta Tau which taught me about true sacrifice and service. I also had the privilege to be a small piece of Lee’s largest traveling vocal ensemble, Campus Choir, where my love for the Lord and music collided to produce some of the most impactful spiritual experiences, I have ever been a part of. Both communities provided opportunities to serve my community, grow in my walk with Christ, develop leadership, and create friendships that will last forever.

Overall, Lee has challenged, stretched, equipped, and encouraged me far more than I ever could have imagined. My spiritual, academic, and social experience as a student provided me with new perspectives, fostered an attitude of expectancy, and continuously pointed me back to the Father. I would not be the same person I am now without my Lee story, and I cannot wait to walk alongside you as you start yours! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!

Contact Your Counselor

Dual Enrolled Student Testimonials

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Abigail Smith Senior Psychology Major

“I’m so thankful I chose to dual enroll at Lee during my senior year of high school. Taking those four classes allowed me to experience the college setting without having to go through the transition all at once. Plus, I earned a whole semester of credits while making friends and getting to know some of the professors. I saw the community, and I couldn’t wait to be a part of it full time.” 

Corvin Brown High School Student and Future Lee Music Major

“I've taken a few music courses and several general core courses, and in every course I felt included. There are so many other dual-enrolled students at Lee, I never felt it was out of the ordinary to be there. Instead of being treated like I’m in high school, the professors treat me the same as everyone else. They’ve been very helpful. 

Mary Canida Junior Marketing Major

“I loved my dual-enrollment experience at Lee. It gave me the chance to get out of high school a few hours a week and see if I could really handle college. I was worried about the workload and being treated like I didn’t belong, but the professors met me right where I was, and I was welcomed by other students everywhere I went. Dual enrollment left me confident in my ability to attend college, plus I met my best friend!” 

Daniel Walker Freshman Biology Major with a Pre-Professional Emphasis

“I always knew I was coming to Lee, but dual enrollment just made sense. It bolstered my credits, was majorly cost-effective, and gave me the opportunity to make friends and meet some professors. It was a Win! Win! I had worried the coursework or scheduling would be too big of a challenge, but it was a fun challenge, and my professors were understanding. I encourage everyone to take as many credits through dual enrollment as they can!” 

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