The creation of a new faculty position or the declaration of a faculty vacancy is a function of the Board of Directors.

Recruitment And Employment Procedures

  1. Prior to any announcement of vacancy in any department, the chairperson of that department, in consultation with department faculty, will furnish to the dean a statement of the vacancy and the necessary proficiency an applicant must have in any one or more areas in order to meet the needs of that department. The dean will request approval for the vacancy from the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who in turn will consult the President.
  2. After a vacancy is approved, the chairperson, working with the dean, will be responsible for recruiting potential candidates and sorting all applicant files.
  3. The chairperson, in consultation with department faculty, will select those persons who are believed to meet the minimum qualifications for the position and will review these with the dean. The dean will then confer with the Vice President concerning the vacancy with a report on the progress to date. The Vice President will present information and recommendations to the President.
  4. After the President has had the opportunity for review and comment, the approved candidates for the position will be presented to the faculty of the department by the Department Chairperson for consideration with a possibility of one or more persons being invited to the campus for an interview.
  5. If the interview involves expense to Lee University, the interview should be scheduled at such a time that the department may be visited and that the person be interviewed by the Dean, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President during the same visit.
  6. The chairperson will be responsible for making a formal recommendation to the Dean after interviews are completed. He/she will include with that recommendation all qualifications both academic and personal which are available to him/her.
  7. The Dean will then, if he/she concurs, recommend to the Vice President the hiring of that individual subject to approval of the President and the Board of Directors.
  8. The completed credentials of all persons hired will remain in the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Board of Directors acts on the nomination. If the applicant is hired, the President, as the representative to the Board of Directors, signs a contract and presents it to the prospective teacher for his/her signature. The teacher signs the contract, if it is acceptable to him/her, and returns it to the President.
  9. Each contract will be for ten months. The contract will consist of two semesters and in-service professional development sessions. The winter meeting of the Board of Directors is usually the meeting in which teachers are approved for the following school year. The President shall ordinarily issue contracts for the following academic year not later than March 1. The contract becomes effective on August 1 of each year, unless otherwise stated. Exceptions in length of contract may be made for librarians and other faculty positions.

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