This program is designed for the student who is seeking a broad experience in music with the flexibility to customize their program to include interest areas inside and outside of the field of music. There is sufficient discipline-specific work to develop musical skills as an individual performer and within the context of ensemble performance. This program contains enough flexibility to pursue a second major or the addition of a minor concentration.

Applied Music Study: Music study at Lee includes individual concentration in an applied performance area including piano, voice, guitar, strings, percussion, all wind instruments, and composition. This is provided through private instruction in the specific area throughout the course of the degree program. Performance is also emphasized through experiences in instrumental and/or vocal ensembles and chamber music opportunities.

Program Tracks:

Composition Emphasis - MUSMC.BA
Instrumental Non-Keyboard Emphasis - MUSIA.BA
Piano Emphasis - MUSKA.BA
Vocal Emphasis - MUSVA.BA