Concerns about conduct by a student or student group that may violate this policy should be reported to:

Kelsey Baker, Director of Title IX Compliance & Title IX Coordinator 
Office of Title IX Compliance 
Phone: (423) 473-3817
Email: [email protected]

These concerns also can be reported to one of the Title IX Liaisons or a resident director. Title IX Liaisons, along with their contact information, are:

Tyler Allen, Interim Director of Campus Security
Office of Campus Security
Phone: (423) 303-4444
Email: [email protected]

Jessica McIntyre, Associate Athletic Director of Internal Affairs
Office of Athletics
Phone: (423) 614-8440
Email: [email protected]

Janell Satterfield, Director of Human Resources and Title IX Liaison
Office of Human Resources
Phone: (423) 614-8105
Email: [email protected]


Concerns about conduct by an employee or third party that may violate this policy can be reported to the Title IX Liaisons, Director of Title IX Compliance or the Director of Human Resources. The Title IX Liaisons and director of human resources will work in conjunction with one another on Title IX concerns related to employees.

Concerns about conduct by an employee, third party, or student at any satellite campus or other university location should follow the reporting procedures set forth above. In addition, complaints involving any dual-enrollment students will be addressed by Lee University in conjunction with the appropriate school system.

Prompt and equitable corrective measures will be taken to stop discrimination or harassment, to remedy the effects of the discrimination or harassment, and to prevent future instances of discrimination and harassment. Procedures for responding to allegations of discrimination, harassment, and violence involving students are explained.

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