Lee University is committed to providing the resources needed to finance your educational goals and provides a number of institutional scholarship and grant opportunities for new and returning students. Institutional aid decisions result from a careful review of the Application for Undergraduate Admissions, including official test scores and transcripts, as well as information submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  

In addition, Lee offers many endowment and other scholarship opportunities that are funded by generous foundations and donors that target specific student characteristics and achievements. The Lee University Scholarship Profile enables the university to match students to available aid opportunities not already identifiable based on Admissions application and FAFSA submissions. 

Our process for matching you with the resources you need is a comprehensive look at each of the above submissions. Once these submissions have been made, the university will provide an award letter, showing what grant and scholarship assistance will be awarded to you upon your enrollment. 

Early Action

You have two options for applying to Lee University. All incoming students who complete their applications (FAFSA, Lee Admissions, and Scholarship Profile) prior to December 1 will be Early Action* candidates and will receive a response on a priority basis with a guarantee of receiving a decision by the holiday break. After December 1, all financial aid decisions will be made on a rolling basis. Apply today!

Below is a list of the major financial assistance programs available to students while attending Lee University. 

Note to Applicants for Fall 2024: Due to the delay of the new FAFSA, the Early Action deadline for Fall 2024 enrollment is Feb. 14. Early Action candidates will receive a decision on their financial aid award by March 1, 2024.

Institutional Scholarships & Aid Programs

Other LeeU Commitments

The award package offered will reflect a combination of the awards above, federal and state grants, and other institutional commitments, which comprise a variety of need or merit-based aid, including endowment scholarships, athletic, music or other talent-based scholarships. If a student still has a remaining balance after Lee University’s institutional commitment has been made in the award letter, the student is encouraged to explore several other options to close the gap. Below is an exhaustive list of assistance programs and search tools that are utilized by students every year. Some programs listed are part of the initial award process, and in those cases the utilization of that program will be specified in the final award letter.

If you are ready to see what kind of assistance you can count on to afford your Lee University experience, visit the application portal and get started by clicking here!

Scholarship Resources

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