The Center for Calling & Career is here to help you think about what you can do now to find fulfillment in choice of major and career, in college and beyond. We can help you prepare for the future via career resources and career coaching. We want to help you find and pursue your calling.


CliftonStrengths for Students

CliftonStrenghts for Students helps students grow confident in who they are and how they can contribute to the world. The CliftonStrengths for Students shows students what makes them unique, what they do best, and how their strengths motivate and shape their approach to work, school, decision-making, relationships, and more. Strengths-Vocational Advisors (SVAs) in the Center for Calling & Career offer individual strengths coaching sessions to help students understand and engage in their strengths. To request a free code, send us an email with your student ID number and expressed interest. For more information about this assessment, visit


Traitify is our 90 second career and personality test. Access it here and follow-up with a career coaching appointment to discuss your results.

Career Direct

The Career Direct assessment examines four essential components of career selection: personality, interests, skills, and values. After you have completed the assessment, you will meet with career coach to debrief the results. If you are interested in taking this assessment, send us an email with your student ID number and expressed interest.

Career & Major Exploration/Major-Minor Declaration

Are you looking to explore different career or major options? Strengths Vocational Advisors (SVA’s) are Lee faculty from the various academic disciplines who are prepared to listen, question, encourage, and guide you in a discovery of your strengths and calling. These advisors are especially helpful if you are choosing a major, or if you need ideas for linking your strengths to your academic life and career choices. They will often use the assessments listed above to help guide the conversation. To schedule an appointment, visit

Change of Majors-Minors

When you are ready to declare or change a major or minor, come to the Center for Calling & Career and we will guide you through that process.

Career and Graduate School Preparation

The Center for Calling & Career wants to help you feel equipped and ready to step into your career, even before you interview. We offer résumé and cover letter reviews, mock interviewing, job search strategies and more!

Job Search Resources

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