Brinsfield Row provides an increased level of independence, yet maintains community connectedness with residential living support. Each four-person townhouse has two bedrooms located upstairs. The bedrooms are equipped with two extra-long twin beds, two desks with chairs, two chests of drawers, and two closets. A bathroom featuring a combination bathtub-shower is located between the bedrooms. The main level features a large open-concept living room and kitchen complete with refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and stove/oven. An extended kitchen counter with bar stools is provided. A washer and dryer are located in each apartment for no additional charge, and each apartment has its own heating and air unit. The main level has a half-bath for visitors, along with a linen closet. Residents provide their own living room furniture and kitchen supplies. At the residents’ own expense, a local cable company can be contacted for cable services.

Inside Brinsfield Row

Brinsfield Row Female Townhomes

Meet the Resident Director: Daisy Nwankwo

The book of Philippians and Romans 8 kept me grounded during my time as a student at Lee. In addition, Residential Life and Housing, particularly my Resident Director, had a profound influence on me, especially close to my final year. In hindsight, I see how God used my experiences to challenge my perspective, affirm His Word, and reshape my heart and understanding. The aftermath of my time at Lee confirmed my desire to pursue ministry and to seek God’s heart. The journey continues in a unique way, and I know it has to be led by the Spirit of God, as my upperclassmen (residents) are now close to being launched into a very complex world. So, I look forward to continuing to partner with the Holy Spirit as He teaches and navigates us through times and seasons of growth, equipping us, edifying us, and rooting us in Christ. I trust that He will never lead us astray or let us make the wrong turn without intervening because He is a good Father who loves us and corrects us. We belong to God and have been called to His purpose; therefore, we know that all things will work together for good. I pray that my residents find peace in every season. (Philippians 4:6–8)
Female Upperclassmen
108 Residents
Laundry Facilities
Wireless Internet & Ethernet Option

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