Records and Academic Services Forms

Below you will find the most common forms processed by the Records Office. Each form has instructions on how to complete the form and send it to us. If you have a question, please e-mail or call (423) 614-8200 anytime from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.

Apostille and Authentication Services

Alumni and students who plan to work or study outside of the United States may be required to authenticate your Lee University education for a foreign country. Contact the agency (institution, mission agency, business) or Consulate in the destination country for exact details required. Use this Apostille Authentication Order form to request this process for a transcript, diploma, or both.

Change of Name

If you have changed your name, you’ll need to supply this form to the Records Office along with the legal document that verifies your name change.

 Change of Address

If you’re unable to change your address via your Portico account, you can fill out this form and send it to the Records Office to have it changed for you.

Enrollment/Degree Verification - Good Student Discount

Fill out this form to give Lee University consent to release an official letter of your enrollment and/or degree to the recipient you designate on this form.

Inquiry Request

If you have a more complex request that doesn’t fit with any of the other forms on this page, you may complete the Inquiry Request Form and send it to the Records Office to have your question answered.

Order for Diploma and/or Bible Replacement Request

When needing to order a replacement for a lost or damaged Lee University diploma, fill out this form.

Release of Academic/Billing/Directory Information

This form allows Lee University employees to release academic, billing, and directory information to the individuals you designate. Without your consent, your information will not be shared with anyone, including individuals that may have a need to discuss your academic information (i.e. parents paying your bill, future employers needing to verify your degree, etc.).

Release of The Education Record

Fill out this form to give Lee University consent to release other types of your records to the destination you note in this form.

Transient Student Approval Form and Instructions

Use this form if you are planning to take classes at another college *temporarily* to transfer credits back to Lee University. Included in the link on the 2nd page are instructions you must read carefully to understand the process.

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