LUCC provides free and confidential individual, couples, and group therapy services in our office. Counseling and psychological services are limited to goal-focused interventions within the training, experience, expertise, and availability of resources of the clinical staff.

Beginning with our intake process, LUCC uses our field’s best practices to make each student’s experience in pursuing counseling as effective and efficient possible. Initial paperwork is completed online, after which LUCC will call within 1 business day to confirm it has been received. Students requesting our services by completing the intake paperwork will be considered for an assignment on Monday mornings and then receive follow-up contact later that day regarding next steps. Treatment assignment outcomes may include individual therapy, therapy group, other group-based interventions such as workshops, or possibly referral to alternative/additional specific institutional or community-based services. This both minimizes wait time and maximizes a good fit between clients’ needs and the treatment options they are offered. Information on crisis services can be found on the “Clinical Services” page.

Please be aware LUCC typically receives more demand for our services than can be reasonably provided. Students may be given the option to remain on our wait list until an assignment in our office can be made. However, LUCC normally only allows students to remain on the wait list for about three weeks; any students who are on the waitlist for at least this length of time (or if they are expected to be on the wait list for at least this length of time) will be referred to an appropriate community provider for ongoing services.

Intake Paperwork: Intake forms are available through a link on the Counseling Center’s Portico page and take about 30 minutes to complete. Please contact our office if you experience any difficulty completing these forms. Paper copies of the intake forms are available upon request.

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