Because we want you to participate in training programs and projects that will advance you in your career, the Alumni Advisory Board has established the Young Alumni Professional Development (YAPD) Grant to give you the support you need.

The grant is open to all Lee University alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years, regardless of academic major or professional experience. You must also be currently employed. Applicants may request up to $1,000.

Application materials must be submitted by Friday, April 19, 2024 at 5pm EST. You may submit your application by email to [email protected]. Applicants will receive an email notification on the status of their application once it is complete. The Alumni Advisory Board will make grant decisions in May.

YAPD Recipients


Christian Garrett

Josh Aguilar

Yunyue (Kyle) Ma

Melissa Madell Dishner

Ali Baker Goodman

Danna Tyree

Kellie Guard

Sierra Hasty

Amanda Dermott

Cory Rodgers Collins

McKenzee Gossett

Joshua Lyle

Audrey Brokish

Sammie Kate Eason

Brandyn Kirby

Jessica Ellis

Hannah Gilstrap

Noah Schurman

Jade Goss

Sarah Hill

Celia Grace Denney

Caitlin Lay

Rachel McCurry

Dani Lin Huntern

Alea Greene

Austin Guard

Elizabeth Landry

Emily Honeysett

Herbert Winter

McKayla Brown

Rebekah Courson

Savanna Collie

Tyler Puckett

William McCuistion

Mitchell Capps

Zhannae Cummings

Emmalee Manes

Caitlin Moore

Paige Pittman Lee

Jared Barton

Sarah Minucci

Ruth Freemon

Kaitlin Christopher

Lauren Buckner

Kari Kuhns

Heather Carver

Emma Cregg

Keith Vincent

Anna Douglas

Tiffany Blauert

Zachary Simms

Kalen Johnson

Lauren Neal

Oluwatobiloba (Deborah) Osikoya

Emily Fawcett

Michael Hewgley

Ashley Jones

Amanda Jones

Danielle Buteau

Eddie Christopher

Lauren Todd

Edward Christopher

Kelly Martin

Alexander Urevick

David Tahere

Danielle Cogan

Leah Carroll

Abigail Fletcher

Anna Carmichael

Alexandria Walker Garrett

Eddie Christopher (‘13)

Eddie Christopher (‘13)

Eddie currently works as a data scientist specializing in people analytics for Discover Financial Services. As a graduate student, he used the grant to attend conferences where he received the opportunity to share his own work and connect with other professionals. He says, “The grant helped me at a pivotal time, early in my career. Having the necessary financial support to attend those conferences made for some wonderful experiences, and frankly, it made my peers that did not go to Lee a little jealous of my cool alma mater.”

Anna Sandberg ('14)

Anna Sandberg ('14)

Anna used her award to assist with the startup costs to get her company, SkyNano, up and running. “To the donors who made this grant possible, I would like to thank you immensely. It allowed me to pursue this dream of mine without being bottlenecked by the cost, and felt really sweet to have the support coming from Lee University, a place I have held so dear in my heart since first stepping onto campus.” Anna is still running SkyNano today. Their aim is to produce carbon-based materials from carbon dioxide to provide a profitable solution towards solving global climate change. SkyNano is now funded by the US National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy.

Deborah Osikoya (‘15)

Deborah Osikoya (‘15)

While at Lee, Deborah participated in a 2014 research summer fellowship with the American Physiological Society at Emory University under the mentorship of Dr. Titilayo Ilori. After graduation, Deborah joined the laboratory of Dr. Stella Goulopoulou at the University of North Texas Health Science Center (HSC) at Fort Worth, TX as a research assistant. In 2016, Deborah was awarded the Lee University Young Alumni Professional Development Grant which partially funded her trip to the Mayo Clinic, where her research was presented at the 12th International Mechanisms of Vasodilatation Symposium. Deborah is currently working on completing her dissertation at the HSC in Dr. Goulopoulou’s lab while she prepares for a career in Clinical Research.

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