Give Back

We are thankful for God's provision and the exciting direction He is leading Lee University. We are thankful also for alumni and friends who partner with us in our mission of Christ-centered academic excellence. We’re all passionate about Lee University. And as alumni, we all want our alma mater to continue to succeed on an ever grander scale. But Lee needs our help to make it happen. There are a multitude of ways we can give back to the university that gave so much to us.

We can serve.

As alumni, our time is one of the most precious resources we can give in service to others. Whether you want to mentor fellow alumni, connect with current students, help with alumni events, or participate in community service projects. There’s a volunteer opportunity for you.  Check back for service opportunities once COVID restrictions are lifted.

We can recruit.

Help us find the next generation of LeeU students. Choosing a college is hard. Students are trying to figure out where they fit in, where they want to go in life, and which university will help them get there. They could use a little reassurance.

And who better to give it than you—a proud and happy LeeU alum? When you sign up to be a student recruiter, you can connect future students with us and give them the inside scoop on the Lee Experience. Tell them what you liked best about your campus—and share moments you’ll never forget.

We can give.

Lee University works hard to keep us connected to each other and to the university we love. With your gift to the alumni fund, we can provide a healthy environment for our students—one that is physically and emotionally safe. When you give back, your gift will directly impact the life of a current or future LeeU student.

You Give They Benefit

Seth Barnett ‘22

“My Lee experience has been uniquely great beyond what I could’ve expected as an incoming freshman. Involved alumni have had a huge part to play as their Lee stories continuously set the stage for my Lee story to encapsulate my personal development as a young leader, student, and Christ follower. The generous hearts of alumni to share their time, resources, and relational investments have made a huge difference in my life at Lee.”

Jaani Rickets ‘22

“Lee University has helped me find a second home after my first one was destroyed. I know that this is credited to not only the staff and people here at Lee but alumni who continuously give to make Lee what it is! I am super thankful that they give, because without them, Lee may not look and feel the way it does!”

Brandon Akiona ‘21

“My journey at Lee has equipped me with more than just a quality, faith-based education. Lee’s thriving student engagement, amazing staff, and bountiful resources have restored my confidence and empowered me to pursue and obey God’s sovereign plan for my life. I could not be more grateful for everyone that has led me to the school, community, and home that I have found in Lee.”

The best way to give back? Join the 1918 Society: Lee University’s Alumni Association. We are stronger together.

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