SON Scholarships

Students seeking scholarships or other funds from the School of Nursing must submit a SON Scholarship Application form.

Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Emergency Fund Grants

Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Emergency Fund grants are intended to assist undergraduate students in the B.S.N. program at the Lee University School of Nursing who are faced with an unforeseen financial emergency beyond their control that puts their education at risk.

Tucker Scholar in Nursing

The primary objective of The Tucker Foundation is to provide financial support to non-profit organizations to produce in young people the character and skills required to live a productive and happy life, along with organizations that conserve essential elements of our natural environment forever.

Recipients are selected by a nursing scholarship committee comprised of nursing faculty with input from the Student Financial Aid Office. Amount of approximate annual scholarship award: $5,000.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

  • Officially accepted by the School of Nursing
  • Entering freshman
  • A legal resident of Cleveland/Bradley County MSA or Chattanooga/Hamilton County MSA
  • Have a demonstrated financial need (as evidenced on FAFSA)
  • Consideration will be given to leadership, service, and other extra-curricular activities (as evidenced on SON application)
  • A brief essay (as evidenced on SON application)

Requirements to retain the scholarship for the duration of student time in the School of Nursing:

  • Demonstration of satisfactory, full-time, on-time academic progress

Applications for the Tucker Scholar in Nursing are currently closed.

Additional Resources for Nursing Scholarships

Be sure to check with your high school guidance counselor and your high school’s website for more scholarship information.

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