Sports Management prepares students for careers in the business side of athletics. Students will take courses such as Sports Law, Administration of Physical Education, and a variety of business and communication courses.
Since it began in 2016, the Sport Management program at Lee continuously evolves to meet the trends within dynamic sport professions. This program is heavily integrated with other academic disciplines on campus and allows students to receive instruction from professors in communications, business, and coaching, as well as the traditional sport management instructors. Students are required to complete three experiential learning courses, including an internship. The internship allows students to gain much-needed hands-on experience and networking within their chosen sport sector. Students’ interests range from event management, game operations, sport marketing, sport sales, coaching, sport journalism, sport agency, interscholastic athletic administration, and more.

Career Opportunities

  • Athletic Director
  • Sport Coach
  • Sport App Sales
  • Talent Scout
  • Sport and Recreation Events Manager
  • Sport Camp Director
  • Youth Sport Club Manager
  • Sport Business Development Coordinator
  • Contract Administrator
  • Contract Negotiation Manager
  • Procurement Officer
  • Sport & Recreation Facilities Manager
  • Fitness Manager
  • Social Media Sport Content Creator
  • Sport Marketing Coordinator
  • Game Day Operations Manager
  • Ticket Sales Coordinator
  • Sport Agent
  • Sport Analyst
  • Sport Journalist
  • Sport and Fitness Equipment Sales

What to Expect

Travel/Global Trips

In the past, students in the College of Education have enjoyed visits to the Philippines and England, but these trips have been paused since the Pandemic. We do plan to return international trips back to the program, but in the meantime, we have focused on local trips to the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta and venues around Cleveland and Chattanooga. We plan to continue and expand our domestic trips while we revamp our international travel programs.


Sport Management majors provide service hours to both the local and campus community. Through the required field experience courses, many students spend time helping Lee Athletics with game day operations and events, while others secure positions as team managers with Lee athletic teams. The Cleveland-Chattanooga area also provides ample opportunity for students to serve local middle and high school sport and county recreation programs as assistant coaches and/or sport officials.


The Capstone course is designed to help graduating students integrate their faith with the academic knowledge they have gained throughout their studies. It is regarded as the final reflection of the essential Core Values of Lee University.


The Sport Management program is housed in the Helen Devos College of Education.


Internships are a core part of the sport management degree program. Each student must complete a 150-hour practicum. This can be at a variety of organizations such as: Chattanooga Lookouts, High Point Climbing and Fitness, Cleveland YMCA, Bradley County Parks & Recreation, Cleveland High School, Bradley High School, Lee University athletics, and Cleveland State Community College. Students are free to propose other sites if they meet the parameters of the internship.

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