The Physical Plant Team ensures the cleanliness and functionality of all campus buildings, maintains the campus grounds, works on energy conservation and recycling.

Light Bulbs and Batteries

Recyclable materials, including but not limited to, fluorescent bulbs, metal halide bulbs, high-pressure sodium bulbs, PCB ballasts, non-PCP ballasts, lithium batteries, NICAD batteries, lead-acid batteries, mercury thermostats, and capacitors are collected and packed in certified containers appropriate to the specific material, and shipped to certified recycling companies who provide a record of receipt and material tracking. Our current vendors for lighting and batteries are Southeast Recycling and Batteries Plus.


It is necessary to recover Freon when an HVAC system is in need of repair. The Freon is removed via a recovery machine, and placed into a certified container until it is reintroduced to the repaired system, or taken to a recovery facility for processing.


The procedures for handling water-based latex and oil-based products vary depending on the nature of the job clean up. Water-based product is flushed from the tool or container with clean water, with the intent to store usable product in a properly labeled, approved container for later use. Oil-based product is removed from the tool or container with a product such as mineral spirits and collected and sealed in a container for disposal by our chemical waste removal company, MKC, Enterprises, Inc.

Cooking Grease

The removal of cooking grease from our campus dining facilities is done by On-Site Environmental, a licensed waste removal company, on a regular basis. The schedule varies depending on the size of the recycle container. The main dining facility, Deacon Jones Dining Hall, is scheduled for Quarterly removal while all retail locations are on a monthly schedule. The waste removed is processed at a licensed facility by the contractor.

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