McNair Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

For questions concerning the McNair Scholars Program, please review the tabs below with information you may find helpful.

All applicants must submit two (2) letters of recommendation. Your application will be read and scored by Lee University professors, who often value the recommendation of their peers the most. If you cannot secure letters from two (2) Lee University faculty, then 1 letter from a faculty member and 1 letter from a staff member is sufficient.

Yes, this is acceptable if you cannot secure strong letters from Lee University faculty.

Faculty (academic) letters are best. The recommender should speak to your ability to do research.

In order to participate as a McNair Scholar, you must be enrolled in the spring semester and available to do full-time research during the summer. For example, to be a part of our 2018-2019 Cohort, you must be enrolled at Lee University in the spring 2019 semester and available to conduct research during the summer of 2019.

Yes. The program desires all scholars to have interests to pursue a doctoral degree, but you do not have to know which program quite yet. We can help identify potential programs for your consideration.

No, we can work with you to find a faculty mentor if you are accepted into the program and do not already have a mentor. If you already secured a mentor, please mention it in your application.

We are unfortunately unable to admit students with a GPA that is under a 3.0. If you are an eligible student in your Junior year at Lee University, we encourage you to work on raising your GPA and reapply during your Senior year.

No, you must be available to do research during the summer. If your research allows you to travel, then you must be granted permission by the McNair Director and gain research approval from your faculty mentor. All scholars must complete their summer research prior to the start of the fall semester.

It is recommended that you focus solely on your research during the summer, however, you may petition to work or take a class during the summer if necessary.

Yes, if there is an issue with receiving your stipend, please contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

Generally, in the spring semester, you will work on your research proposal with your faculty mentor. During the summer, you will implement your research project and conclude your findings. You will also have the opportunity to travel to a regional McNair conference. In the fall semester, you will enroll in the McNair research methods course. In addition, you will present your findings at Lee's McNair symposia and/or at an academic conference in your field.

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