The Lee University Center for Teaching Excellence seeks to enhance teaching and learning and has the support of faculty in that regard at the heart of its mission. The Center endeavors to promote excellence in teaching and learning through its print resources, seminars, individual and group technology training, coaches, mentors, focus groups, and other forms of conversations around topics such as educational theory, research, and best practice.

In order to accomplish its goals and fulfill its mission, the Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to providing a safe space and trustworthy environment for those who seek its services and those who share professional expertise with peers. The Center is committed to providing faculty with a safe place to discuss their teaching in all of its aspects in a confidential manner, for formative purposes.

In order to maintain confidentiality and to protect the privacy of individual faculty members, the following policies will be carefully and faithfully followed:

  • The Center for Teaching Excellence will review information and feedback about a course only upon request of the faculty member.
  • The Center for Teaching Excellence does not make any feedback or observation results available to anyone except the faculty member who requests it.
  • It is recognized that faculty members who have consulted with Center personnel may benefit further by sharing Center feedback with their colleagues, and they may do so at their own discretion.
  • Specific feedback gathered or given by Center personnel is meant to be formative only and, therefore, is not intended to be used in the promotion, tenure, or re-appointment process.
  • The Center for Teaching Excellence will make available the name of a faculty participant only upon his/her written request. At the request of a participant, the Center will provide written verification of participation listing the type(s) of activity and date(s) of such events.
  • The Center for Teaching Excellence reports its data in aggregate form only. Data presented may include the number of faculty members attending seminars or participating in consultations.

The principal role of the Lee University Center for Teaching Excellence is to advocate for faculty success and student learning. Student learning is the focal point of faculty work. The Center for Teaching Excellence is dedicated to helping faculty members accomplish their work as effectively as possible.

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