We cannot truly love what we do not know rightly. Everything we do in Lee’s Theology department revolves around that principle. Our highly trained faculty are deeply committed to the Lordship of Christ and life in the church. Our low student-teacher ratio means that our students receive a high level of care, attention, and mentorship inside and outside of the classroom. Students who study with us acquire the vocabulary to express and explain their beliefs and religious experiences, which are continually enriched through living and learning together. 

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Take a quick tour of our School of Religion, home to Lee’s Department of Theology and the facility housing our dynamic and close-knit learning community.
Department of Theology

Aryssa Montoya

Aryssa Montoya, from Yuba City, California, is a senior theological and professional studies major with minors in Christian ministries and psychology. “I came to Lee because of the potential of growth in myself through the program and the atmosphere Lee has established,” says Aryssa. She has been especially appreciative of her professors and peers in the School of Religion and “their strength, resilience, and goodness.” She is the president of the Theta Alpha Kappa honors society, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, a peer leader, a McNair Scholar, and a student worker in the School of Religion. She presented in the 2021 International Women’s Week and the 2021 McNair Ledford Symposium. Off campus, she is involved with youth and children’s ministries at The Mission Cleveland. Upon graduation, Aryssa plans to attend grad school for a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, specializing in child and adolescent trauma counseling.