Department of Theology

We cannot truly love what we do not know rightly. Everything we do in Lee’s Theology department revolves around that principle. Our highly trained faculty are deeply committed to the Lordship of Christ and life in the church. Our low student-teacher ratio means that our students receive a high level of care, attention, and mentorship inside and outside of the classroom. Students who study with us acquire the vocabulary to express and explain their beliefs and religious experiences, which are continually enriched through living and learning together. 

The Department of Theology offers the following undergraduate programs

Students who wish to expand their biblical and theological study to include other academic or vocational interests across campus are often interested in these options: 

Our faculty are accomplished scholars in the disciplines of Biblical Studies/Languages, Theology, Church History, Ethics, and Philosophy. They demonstrate excellence in the classroom and in the academic world, and they are dedicated to helping students explore and strengthen their Christian faith. Here in the School of Religion, we seek to equip students to serve God with both heart and mind and to be instruments of His peace in a tumultuous world. 
Daniela Augustine

Daniela Augustine

Associate Professor of Theological Ethics
Specialty: Theology of Economics
Theology | Location: SOR 226A
Casey Cole

Casey Cole, MA

Lecturer in Theology
Specialty: Liturgy and Biblical Interpretive Methods
Theology | Location: SOR 250F
Phone: (423) 303-5132
Terry Cross

Terry Cross, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology
Specialty: The Theology of Karl Barth, Doctrine of Church (Ecclesiology)
School of Religion | Location: SOR108A
Phone: (423) 303-5080
Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller, PhD

Professor in Biblical Studies
Specialty: Intertestamental Period and the Early Church
Theology | Location: SOR 150D
Phone: (423) 303-5102
Skip Jenkins

Skip Jenkins, PhD

Professor of Historical Theology
Specialty: Early Church History and the Trinity
Department of Theology | Location: SOR208A
Phone: (423) 303-5110
Timothy Miller

Timothy Miller, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Specialty: Philosophy of Religion, Consequentialism
Theology | Location: SOR 150C
Phone: (423) 303-5101
Rickie Moore

Rickie Moore, PhD

Interim Chair, School of Religion, Theology
Associate Dean, School of Religion
Professor of Old Testament
Specialty: Deuteronomy and the Old Testament Prophets
School of Religion | Location: SOR 250D
Phone: (423) 303-5130
Stephanie Nordby

Stephanie Nordby, PhD

Associate Professor of Theological Ethics and Philosophy
Specialty: Philosophy of Language and Virtue Ethics
Theology | Location: SOR 226A
Phone: (423) 303-5118
Brian Peterson

Brian Peterson, PhD

Associate Professor of Old Testament
Specialty: Old Testament History, Archaeology, Hebrew Language
Theology | Location: SOR226D
Phone: (423) 303-5080
William Simmons

William Simmons, PhD

Adjunct Professor of New Testament and Greek
Specialty: The Theology of Paul, Biblical Greek
Theology | Location: SOR 250C
Phone: (423) 303-5129
Kevin Snider

Kevin Snider, MDiv

Lecturer in Christian Ethics
Specialty: Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy
Theology | Location: SOR 126B
Phone: (423) 303-5090
Christopher Stephenson

Christopher Stephenson, PhD

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Specialty: Constructive Pentecostal Theology, Interdenominational Dialogue (Ecumenism)
Theology | Location: SOR 126D
Phone: (423) 303-5092
Lisa Stephenson

Lisa Stephenson, PhD

Director of Graduate Studies in Biblical and Theological Studies
Specialty: Benevolence, Theological Anthropology
Theology | Location: SOR 126C
Phone: (423) 303-5091

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Department of Theology

Joshua Trawick

Joshua Trawick, a junior Bible and theology major from Cataula, Georgia, came to Lee for vocational ministry. He chose Lee after seeing how the students interacted with each other, and because he found a community of people who held similar academic interests. Josh is currently a student worker in the SOR, a route leader for Crossover, part of Kappa Omega, and a peer leader. “I came to Lee not knowing anyone, but got involved freshman year and was able to make great friendships,” Josh said. “Being a peer leader and helping freshmen also get plugged has been one of the best experiences.” After graduation, Josh plans to study Old Testament at a seminary and eventually become a professor.