The mission of the Lee University Marriage and Family Therapy Program is to prepare students to become a licensed marriage and family therapists who will work from a relational perspective that is holistic, systemic, and contextual.

Program Philosophy

Recognizing the complexity of human relationships and the limits of our understanding, we seek to create a shared learning environment that authentically integrates faith, science, and experience into the clinical practice of marriage and family therapy. From our faith, we draw the concepts of hope, love, forgiveness, reconciliation, faithfulness, and commitment. From science, we embrace an empirical worldview where our treatments are evidence-based. We value our different experiences that may be based on our biology, culture, and environment.

We encourage a therapeutic stance based on curiosity, respect, and openness. We define our calling as one of service, reaching out to the underserved in a broken world. While recognizing reductionistic paradigms have some usefulness, we believe that a holistic approach which simultaneously considers the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of the human experience offers a more powerful framework for case conceptualization, relational diagnosis, and treatment.

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