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Graduate Religion (MABTS)

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Whether you desire to prepare for further graduate work, enrich other vocational interests, or grow spiritually, Lee's MABTS program provides a broad foundation in biblical and theological studies with the flexibility to specialize in a concentrated area.

  • Relevant Studies: Lee's MABTS program equips you with the biblical and theological skills you need, while also preparing you to work in an ever-changing world.
  • Vibrant Community: Lee's MABTS program seeks to foster a collegial community of students who pursue excellence together. Constructive collaboration is encouraged and lifelong friendships are formed.
  • Excellent Scholarship: Lee's MABTS program features faculty who are accomplished scholars in their fields and dedicated to your success as a student. They will challenge you academically while investing in you personally.
  • Committed Christians: Lee's MABTS program integrates faith and learning to help you develop intellectually and spiritually. You'll receive opportunities for holistic formation both in and out of the classroom so that you can better serve God's kingdom.
  • Not only is Lee's MABTS program one of the most affordable in the nation, but 100% of graduate students in our School of Religion also receive automatic scholarships.
  • Our unique and flexible program can be completed in two years, with students who have backgrounds in the related areas of religious, biblical, theological, or pastoral studies eligible for an accelerated, 36-hour track. We offer smaller, seminar-style classes, and students can choose from three different specialties, as well exit exams or the thesis writing process upon completion of our program.
  • Selected students receive an invaluable opportunity to become teaching assistants via our TA mentorship program. These students will observe, participate, and reflect on the pedagogical process with an assigned professor.

Welcome to the Biblical and Theological Studies Graduate program at Lee University!

Whether you are a prospective new student or already an undergraduate at Lee and considering extending your time here through graduate school, the MABTS program has much to offer.

With both an accelerated 36-hour track and a traditional 48-hour track, our MABTS program can be tailored to your needs. The program is designed to cultivate your skills in the study and interpretation of Scripture, expose you to the breadth and depth of historic Christianity, and enable you to fashion a systematic framework within which to situate your own voice. In other words, the MABTS program will provide you with the solid foundation you need to continue to pursue your calling, whether it is further graduate studies, vocational ministry, or Christian leadership in another context.

Additionally, as you may already know, Lee University is not a place where you will get lost in the shuffle and just be another student among the masses. Rather, Lee prides itself on being a place where the professors truly care about their students and are invested in their success. You will experience this firsthand in the MABTS program where the faculty will pour into your life intellectually and spiritually, helping you to grow as both a student and a person. Here in the MABTS program, God is not just an object of our study, but also the subject of our worship. Inside and outside of the classroom, you will find that the faculty are deeply committed to their faith and desire to contribute to your own Christian formation and maturation.

And, the best part is that Lee’s MABTS is more affordable than ever when compared with other graduate programs. We offer one of the lowest tuitions nationwide and every student receives a scholarship.

So, don’t wait any longer! I invite you to come and experience the difference here at Lee’s MABTS program.


Dr. Lisa P. Stephenson
Director of Graduate Programs, Biblical and Theological Studies

Liz Krueger

“The most wonderful thing I have experienced as a student in the MABTS program is a massive expansion of who I understand God to be and how I comprehend the world we live in. I am able to re-process beliefs in the company of great professors and past thinkers.” — Liz Krueger

Caroline Reddick
Caroline Reddick

“My intellect, and particularly my ability to write theology, has been furthered in the MABTS program. The professors here really care about grad students, and care about what we have to say. My words and thoughts were taken seriously, and nurtured so that they flourished.” — Caroline Reddick

Tina Richardson
Tina Richardson

“The MABTS faculty fostered and developed excellence in research and scholarship and allowed us to be creative in our own right. By doing this, we added our own voice to the theological discussion that was both relevant and impactful.” — Tina Richardson

Jesse Stone
Jesse Stone

“It was my time in the MABTS program that really showed me how connected theology was to all of life. I began to see that the task of renewing the mind and meditating on the scriptures and the Church’s tradition did not always have to end with a job as professor. The vocational opportunities available to the theologian are actually quite numerous.” — Jesse Stone

Kevin Snider
Kevin Snider

“The seminar nature of the instruction was by far the best thing about the classes. Focused and lengthy reading of a particular thinker coupled with discussion guided by an expert made for an enormously informative class.” — Kevin Snider

Tyler Shores
Tyler Shores

“The perspectives offered from the course readings reflect a healthy diversity. This program did not attempt to form me to one particular tradition in the Christian faith, but it challenged me to work hard and consult a variety of opinions from multiple demographics.” — Tyler Shores

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