Political Science at Lee immerses students deeply in the study of political ideas and institutions. From Plato and Aristotle, to Congress and local government, to the United Nations and international security, students explore the ideas, practices, and organizations that shape their political environment. Through curricular and extracurricular experiences, this major aims at achieving student growth in three distinct ways.

We strive for students to become responsible citizens, understanding themselves as members of a local community, a nation, and a community of nations, appreciating the responsibilities and duties we owe to each of these communities. At a deeper level, Political Science students learn the habits and the joys of the life of the mind. We encourage students to understand themselves in a community of learners and that the urgent questions in the politics of our day are windows to the timeless question of human life in a civil society. Finally, students in this major will think carefully about Christian life in community, including thinking critically about a Christian’s obligations to his or her community locally, nationally, and internationally.

Students graduating in Political Science are well-prepared for public service, law school, graduate studies and research, or work in the private sector. They go on to top-tier graduate and law schools, with LSAT and GRE scores well above the university average. More importantly, they will be equipped to engage in a complex world with prudent judgement, knowledge of diverse political systems, and an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of shared political life.

Career Opportunities

  • Academic researcher
  • Aid Worker / director
  • Attorney/Lawyer
  • Business Management
  • Campaign Operative
  • FBI/CIA Analyst or Agent
  • City Planner
  • Communications Director
  • Community Organizer
  • Congressional Office/Committee Staff
  • Consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Diplomacy
  • Editor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Foreign Service
  • Immigration Officer
  • International Business
  • Journalist
  • Judge
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Legislator
  • Librarian
  • Lobbyist
  • Management
  • NGO Work
  • Nonprofit Work
  • Paralegal
  • Policy Analyst
  • Political Consultant
  • Public Opinion Analyst
  • Public Relations
  • Public Service
  • Research Analyst
  • Secondary School Educator
  • Social Worker
  • Think Tank Work
  • University Professor
  • Urban Planner

What to Expect

Support within the Major

  • Lee’s Student Success HUB
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Rich Social Infrastructure

Travel Opportunities

  • Political Science Study Abroad in France
  • Model United Nations
  • Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature
  • American Mock Trial Association Competitions
  • Intercollegiate Conferences & Symposia

Clubs & Social Life

  • Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society
  • Society for Law & Justice
  • Mock Trial
  • Center for Responsible Citizenship
  • Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature
  • Model United Nations
  • Bi-Monthly Political Science Social Activities


  • Pi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honors Society) Best Chapter Award
  • Pi Sigma Alpha Best Advisor Award
  • Highest LSAT completion rate and highest LSAT average on campus
  • LSAC Pre-Law Advisor Award
  • American Enterprise Institution Young Scholars Program
  • Intercollegiate Studies Institute Summer Honors Program
  • Hicks Scholarship Program
  • Ernest and Doris Powers Scholarship Program
  • Kairos Honors Program
  • McNair Scholars Program
  • Sims Colloquium Award
  • Discipline Awards
  • Department Awards
  • University Awards (FJ Lee, Charles Paul Conn, & Tharp)


Many department events provide opportunities for service and incorporate service to the community and surrounding school-systems. Opportunities for service include the Constitution Bowl, Annual Fort Hill Cemetery Tour, and National History Day. 


The Capstone course is designed to help graduating students integrate their faith with the academic knowledge they have gained throughout their studies. It is regarded as the final reflection of the essential Core Values of Lee University. 



Students spend most of their time in the Humanities building and on the third floor in the Great Room. 



Recent internships secured by Political Science students include: 

  • Cleveland City Government
  • Bradley County Clerk’s Office
  • Bradley County Election’s Commission
  • Various Cleveland TN Attorneys
  • The Community Foundation (Cleveland, TN)
  • The Washington Center
  • Senator Bill Hagarty
  • Congressman Chuck Fleischmann
  • Family Research Council
  • Family Policy Alliance
  • Summer in the City (Knoxville Municipal Government)


  • Appalachian College Association (ACA) 
  • Senior Thesis 

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