The history major enables students to succeed in graduate programs and professional careers in the historical field, gain teacher licensure if so desired, think critically, communicate in an articulate manner, and respect opinions and ideas unlike their own.

This track provides a student in the Bachelor of Arts in History program with the curriculum required to earn teacher licensure.

This emphasis features the foundational history track with specific attention to the economic factors underlying the development of human civilization and obtaining teacher licensure for the subject area.

This emphasis features the foundational history track with specific attention to the political factors underlying the development of human civilization and obtaining teacher licensure for the subject area.

Career Opportunities

  • Academic researcher
  • Academic librarian
  • Aid Worker / director
  • Affirmative action officer
  • Archaeologist
  • Architect
  • Archivist
  • Attorney
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Civil Service administrator
  • Corporate Education
  • Elementary, Middle, or High School teacher
  • Foreign service/ diplomacy
  • Leadership and Activities director
  • Community organizer
  • Consultant
  • Copywriter
  • Editing assistant
  • Editor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Geographer
  • Government relations
  • Heritage manager
  • Historic buildings inspector
  • Conservation officer
  • Human resources
  • Information officer
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • International Business
  • Internet specialist
  • Journalist/ TV reporter
  • Language instructor
  • Legislative assistant
  • Non-profit manager
  • Marketing research
  • Mediator
  • Museum director
  • Museum research
  • Museum/gallery curator
  • Policy analyst
  • Political campaign staff
  • Political consultant
  • Post-secondary education
  • Professor
  • Publishing
  • Research analyst
  • Screenwriter
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Social media manager
  • Speech pathologist
  • State legislator
  • Student services administrator
  • Medical field
  • Talent agent
  • Theatre management

What to Expect


  • HUB 

Travel/Global Trips

  • Spain Humanities Global Trip 
  • Italy Art and Humanities Global Trip 
  • France Political Science Global Trip  
  • England-Scotland Global Trip 
  • England Humanities and Health Science Global Trip 
  • New England Studies Global Trip 
  • Model United Nations Spring Trip  
  • Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature Fall Trip
  • Civil War Battlefield Field Trips 


  • Society for Law and Justice 
  • Mock Trial 
  • Humanities Coalition 
  • Faculty Fridays 
  • Kappa Lambda Iota (Lee Historians) 
  • Philosophy Club 
  • The Intercollegiate Studies Institute Politeia Society 
  • TISL (Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature) 
  • Phi Alpha Theta (History honors) 
  • Model UN (Political Science) 
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science honors) 
  • “Dinner and Scripture” (bi-weekly bible study and dinner) 
  • Bible studies led by professors  


  • Hicks Scholar
  • Phi Alpha Theta
  • Invitational Presentation Opportunities (e.g. Appalachian College Association, Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference)
  • Greek Reading Group
  • Latin Reading Group
  • Kairos Honors Program
  • Best Paper at Sims Colloquium (cash prize)
  • William Snell Scholarship
  • Discipline Awards
  • Department Award
  • University Awards (FJ Lee, Charles Paul Conn, & Tharp)


Many department events provide opportunities for service and incorporate service to the community and surrounding school-systems. Opportunities for service include the Constitution Bowl, Annual Fort Hill Cemetery Tour, and National History Day. 


The Capstone course is designed to help graduating students integrate their faith with the academic knowledge they have gained throughout their studies. It is regarded as the final reflection of the essential Core Values of Lee University. 



Students spend most of their time in the Humanities building and on the third floor in the Great Room. 



  • Legal Internships
  • Legislative Policy Internships
  • Museum and Archive Internships
  • Teaching and Research Practica


  • Appalachian College Association (ACA) 
  • Senior Thesis 

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