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Symphonic Band

Student President: Hannah Garner
Club Sponsor: Dr. Mark Bailey
The group has also performed at national seminars and conferences (twice featured at the Christian Instrumentalists and Directors Association National Conference, and the Atlanta Instrumental Expo conference, the largest church instrumental music conference in America), numerous concert festivals, appearances on television and radio, important university events.

The Lee Symphonic Band has developed a reputation as an outstanding performance ensemble that combines superior musicianship with a true sensitivity to the use of music as a vehicle to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through these performances, the band has seen numbers of people accept Christ as Savior. Listeners are able to sense the power of the music, performed with excellence unto the Lord that is anointed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The ensemble has given numerous students in the past 34 years the opportunity to utilize their talents in playing musical instruments to the glory of God. Several former members are now leading ministers of worship in churches across the United States and are also successful high school and/or middle school band directors, as well as participating as professional musicians in many different areas. The 2021 Lee University Symphonic Band is made up of outstanding musicians representing 16 different majors at Lee University. Several of these students are former All -State and/or All-Regional band participants in Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, and Texas. There are currently fifty-three outstanding musicians in the group and presently have one Church of God National Teen Talent winner in the ensemble. Most of the students have received academic scholarship awards for excellence in the classroom and excellence in performance on their various instruments. It is truly a remarkable group of talented students.

Hopefully, you will be able to listen to these student musicians as they use their musical

expertise to honor and glorify God and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit, as the intent of the ensemble is to magnify Christ both in talents, attitudes, lifestyles, and musical performance.

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