Lee Establishes Center for Responsible Citizenship

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Lee University recently approved the founding of the Center for Responsible Citizenship (CRC). The CRC is directed by Dr. Thomas Pope, professor of political science, and coordinated by Audrey Haley, a 2019 Lee alumna.

According to Pope, the CRC highlights the need for moral and civic virtue as the foundation for political life, promoting interdisciplinary conversation on the core elements of a flourishing community. Its activities are guided and informed by a deep commitment to the Christian faith, which understands the human good as connected to a robust vision of persons made in the image of God.

“The CRC offers a variety of interdisciplinary programming to mentor and empower students. It prepares them for an engaged life rooted in responsible citizenship by introducing them to significant ideas, distinguished speakers, and timely subjects,” said Pope. “These programs meet students at different developmental stages and offer experiences that cultivate their thought and character from freshman year to graduation and beyond.”

Since 2012, Pope has hosted a variety of grant-funded programming, most significantly a guest lecture series bringing prominent figures to Lee’s campus. In 2016, Pope expanded thi s programming to include a weekly reading group and a two-day intercollegiate symposium. With the establishment of the CRC, programming now includes the oversight of a Constitution Day Quiz Bowl, professional development seminars, and an alumni network.

These programs are a natural extension of Lee’s mission to “develop within students knowledge, appreciation, understanding, ability, and skills which will prepare them for responsible Christian living in a complex world.” These conversations are essential for promoting the ideals of ethical action and redemptive service that culminate in responsible citizenship.

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