Freshman Students

We cannot wait to have you as a part of the Lee University family! We have a lot of resources for you here on our campus, so we want to take a second to give you a preview of a couple of the things you have to look forward to in your first year.

If you are looking for more information about New Student Orientation, you may want to click here to read more about what you can expect during your first week.

LEEU-101: Freshman Gateway Seminar is a required course for all freshman students during their first semester. The class focuses on helping you adjust to life as a Lee student. It is one of the best ways to meet other peers and to interact one-on-one with professors and upperclassmen Peer Leaders. During the semester, you will have opportunities to connect through your time in class, relaxed hangouts, group service projects, and other campus events. Freshman students enroll in LEEU-101 for the first semester. During your second semester, you will be enrolled in LEEU-102A: Global Perspectives Seminar and LEEU-102B: Foundations of Benevolence. One of the best parts about LEEU-101 are the Gateway Instructors and Peer Leaders. You will have the opportunity to connect with one of our faculty members through this course. Each instructor desires to be personally invested in your life as a student and can serve as a great resource to you. Peer Leaders are selected upperclassmen who are here to help you navigate your first year at Lee. Although they were in your shoes not long ago, they have since gotten into the swing of things and want to see you do the same. Whether it is showing you how to make your class schedule for the next semester, connecting you with campus groups that you might be interested in joining, teaching you about “Taco Tuesday” at Tres Hermanos, or being there to help you navigate some of the more personal challenges of freshman year, Peer Leaders are here to help you make your first year at Lee as successful as possible.
As a part of our graduation requirements, all Lee students must complete 80 hours of service-learning throughout their time at the university. The LEEU-101 course will help you get started by helping you get your first 10 hours toward this requirement. Throughout the semester, your Peer Leaders and instructor will organize service projects for your class to help you complete 10 hours of service-learning, which is also a graded component of this course. Starting with Deke Day during NSO, you will be given a variety of opportunities to serve the community and build relationships with your peers.
For freshman students, the second semester will include a deeper exploration of the university's core values through LEEU-102A: Global Perspectives Seminar and LEEU-102B: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Benevolence. These are classes that will not only further prepare you to fulfill key graduation requirements, but they will give you an opportunity to expand your worldview. Students will be registered for these two classes with the students from their Gateway class to allow for continued relationships and extended academic experiences as a cohort.

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