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Lee University takes seriously the task of preparing students for responsible Christian living in a complex world. The goal is pursued within a variety of structures provided within the widest campus context, such as classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, student life services, residential living, and distance education. The university realizes that the knowledge, appreciation, understanding, ability, and skill for such resourceful living will be evident in its students in direct proportion to the success of its programs and services whereby a healthy physical, mental, social, cultural, and spiritual development is fostered.

The Resident Director (RD) is a full-time, 10½ month live-in position and is responsible for the comprehensive management of the Residential Life & Housing program in a residence hall(s) of approximately 100-250 residents.  There are two positions available: one RD needed for the men’s dormitory, and one RD needed for the women’s dormitory.

The start date for anticipated openings: July 9, 2024.

Leadership and Mentoring

  • Provide training for residence hall staff.
  • Prepare for and lead weekly team meetings.
  • Supervise and evaluate the residence hall staff.
  • Have weekly one-on-one supervision/mentorship time with each member of team.
  • Assist with recruiting and hiring.

Student Learning and Interpersonal Interaction

  • Plan engaging residence hall programs aimed at student learning.
  • Identify students with leadership ability and provide opportunities for them to develop.
  • Be a visible and available presence to the students in the residence hall.
  • Promote consistent accountability through the student conduct process.
  • Offer support to students requiring collaborative care.
  • Commit to supporting the needs of students from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Invest in the faith development of students.


  • Create a schedule that provides adequate supervision of residence hall.
  • Supervise the opening and closing of the residence hall each semester.
  • Oversight of roommate/suitemate assignments and room changes within residence hall.
  • Manage the budget and finances for the residence hall.
  • Communicate and follow up with custodial and maintenance needs to Physical Plant.
  • Maintain safety and emergency protocol, including drill conduction and staff training.
  • Resident Directors will be asked to work one holiday rotation each year.
  • Due to the demands and hours worked throughout the academic year, Resident Directors will receive extra days during breaks, beyond the standard university support staff allowance with the exception of Resident Directors on-duty during a break.

Leadership and Professional Development

  • Resident Directors will be placed on various committees to lead, organize, and execute the programs of Residential Life & Housing.
  • Resident Directors may be given the opportunity to attend a student development conference in the years when funds are available.
  • Resident Directors will enroll in one Higher Education course as part of training (first fall semester) if they have not previously completed a graduate degree in Higher Education.
  • Resident Directors are expected to regularly attend and support Lee University chapel.

Supervision and Evaluation

Resident Directors report directly to the Coordinator of Residential Life. In addition, this position receives support from the Coordinator of Housing and Coordinator of Residential On-Call & Care as well as the Director of Residential Life and Housing.


  • Options:
    • Bachelor’s degree required. Resident Directors without a graduate degree are expected to pursue one once hired, as a part of their compensation package.
    • Candidates with a master’s degree can transfer their tuition compensation package to a legal child.
  • Supervisory, training, and crisis management experience are considered a plus.
  • Must be willing to live in a residence hall and focused on serving students.
  • A strong profession of Christian faith and a commitment to not teaching contrary doctrine to the sponsoring denomination (Church of God).
  • Possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Successfully complete a federal background check and meet necessary standards for employment.
  • Commitment to remain drug and alcohol-free during the time of employment.

If you are interested in applying for this position, applications can be submitted here: Resident Director Application 2024-2025

If you have questions about the application, you may email the Director of Residential Life and Housing at [email protected]

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To apply for this job please visit