Guatemala Spring Break

Visit indigenous communities where you will learn how to cook along with workshops on their worldview and their ancestors. During your stay in Guatemala, they will interview them and converse with locals. Since SEBIPCA is hosting a Symposium about the Mayan Culture, this is a great opportunity to grasp language and culture more in depth. At the same time, we will be visiting holy Mayan grounds, shrines for the Mayan culture, among other places. We will worship together along in Church of God, led by indigenous communities and their own languages.

Trip Dates: 03/09/2024 –03/17/2024
Application Deadline: 1/10/2024
Deposit Deadline: 1/10/2024
Location(s): Guatemala
Price: $3,500
Program Term: Spring Break
Length of Trip: 7 days
Inclusion of Core Credits: No
Reoccurring: NA
Trip Director(s) Name: Alexander Steffanell
Trip Director(s) Email: [email protected]
Trip Director(s) Office: VST104A
Trip Director(s) Contact Number: (423) 614-8216
Total Credit Hours Received: 1
Health Clearance: Guatemala Spring Break Clearance Info*
Courses Offered:
  1. GNST 250 Cross-Cultural Experience, Alexander Steffanell – 1 credit hour

Program Gallery: