South Africa

South Africa
Travel to South Africa for two weeks in May 2024 to learn about the society, culture, and landscape of this African country while serving with an established orphan care organization and school. You will experience the community in its post-apartheid complexity, take a safari in a wild game reserve, and visit a native cultural village. The trip will include 4 credit hours and 20 service hours. Pre-Departure On-Campus Dates: May 1-2, May 16
Trip Dates: 05/17/2014-05/31/2024
Application Deadline: 01/10/2024
Deposit Deadline: 01/10/2024
Location(s): Hammanskraal, Johannesburg, Pretoria
Price: $5,435
Program Term: May 17, 2024 – May 31, 2024
Length of Trip: 14 Days
Inclusion of Core Credits: No
Reoccurring: NA
Trip Director(s) Name: Vanessa Hammond, Jerome Hammond
Trip Director(s) Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Trip Director(s) Office: VST 203, HUM 303B
Trip Director(s) Contact Number: (423) 614-8511, (423) 473-3820
Total Credit Hours Received: 4
Health Clearance: South Africa Health Clearance Info*
Courses Offered:
1. GNST 251 Cross-Cultural Experience, Vanessa Hammond - 1 credit hour. 2. PSYC 480 Special Topics: Cross-Cultural Psychology -- South Africa, Jerome Hammond – 3 credit hours. 3. ENGL 290 Special Topics: Introduction to African Literature, Vanessa Hammond – 3 credit hours.

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